With the show in the intimate, virtual, Teresa, Cristina, sing and tell stories at gatherings are fun for the quarantine


RIO de janeiro — In these times of social isolation, a conference is completely virtual, full of samba, history, and humour, has been attracting fans of the genre on Instagram. It is through the lives, the social network, the singer, Teresa Cristina, almost every day, religiously, at the end of the “Big Brother Brasil”, it starts with a casual conversation with the right music tall in front of his followers. Thanks to the interaction with the host, who comes in day after day, showing a playful side, and warm to the internet, their lives, and if you have made it a point to meet and gain an ever-more-followers: on Wednesday night, reaching over a million people, even in the early morning hours.

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In addition to the fans, and fans of the singer, and the meetings on the cellular phone they usually attract wild girl and is friends with famous pop singer, as the actress Camila Pitanga, Mariana Ximenes, and Patricia Pillar, who often appears in the comments.

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— It is not only to sing, or just talk to us. It’s a mix. What started to happen is that the people are friendly, the fans have started to come in and the conversation went on to have a viéis is a more intimate account of Teresa, which went on to go live on the social network after the beginning of the social isolation, the current due to the coronavirus.

“It’s as if the entire day is to have a show, you are in for a repetório to prepare for the entire day, it’s an idea that I am putting it into practice”

Second, the wild girl, the dating diaries (which follows on into the wee hours), it’s a way of keeping the mind healthy in the face of the quarantine:

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— I went to the back (of the lives), because I was very worried, desperate for the mental health. I work with the public, living in a circle of samba, is always on the road. It started with the beat in a bad, not a lot of sleep…for The live of me because it’s as if the entire day is to have a show, you are in for a repetório to prepare for the entire day, it’s an idea that I am putting it into practice. This is my rum. For the moment, that to me, I relax, relax, on this day, the heavy, we’re living in. I’ve created a network of love to these people that I watch.

Search before you report

A resident of the suburb of rio de janeiro, the singer makes it clear that the lives are not only to chat with them. The music, as it should be, you have a guaranteed space on the trips to the database. At each meeting, the names such as Chico Buarque, and Dona Ivone Lara, are able to gain the honours in the year, that these songs are in their repertoire.

“When I sing songs, I tell you my story related to this song. We can learn a lot from the samba

In addition to many of the great names of the samba, among the issues that have been aboradados for her, for all the talks that are planned to dance samba-enredo. Before you talk to a hundred people, the wild girl is a matter of preparation.

During the live, She breaks the screen and interact with the singer Alfredo Del-Performance Photo Playback
During the live, She breaks the screen and interact with the singer Alfredo Del-Performance Photo Playback

— I do some research on these topics. This is what I have in mind, because it’s a time for peace, for harmony, for peace of mind. I do all of the research for the to make on that subject, and it demands time and attention. It is not just playing the conversation out. And when I sing the songs, tell the story of my connection with this song. We can learn a lot from the samba, “says Teresa, who was a friend through the live of a follower of while he was in the hospital with a Covid-19:” as for Me, I was very impressed with him to be admitted to the hospital and talked to me. We became almost friends. It is well, at home. This is one the best of it.

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In addition to the lives in to your account on the Instagram, once a week, she goes live on your YouTube channel, always on the side of the mother. Together, they sing the classics from the Golden Age of radio, as well as songs by Angela Maria Dalva de Oliveira, and Wilson Batista and Noel Rosa.

Cristiners and CrisTinder out and about

At home with the hostess, who will participate in the live tends to get you in the mood for fun. The rio remembers when she went to look at a “mood to hang out” among the participants of the live service, which has already witnessed to marriage. In addition, a group entitled “CrisTinder”, in a reference to your app for dating, has been created. The other Cristiners, it brings together fans of the wild girl.

The people had decided to found, turned out to be in a mood to hang out, as if it were a chat. An MSN in the modern world — have fun-if it is, that it claims to get in the house, every day is a treat for your followers: — that They have from six to twelve beers every day.

Teresa Cristina was, in fact, you also had to time to hang out. From a painting made by an internet user who sent the message, “I’m going to sleep with you today, with all the respect,” She — somewhat lacking for the quarantine, I scoffed at the idea and said, “you Can be free with respect, too.” It was enough to make the point in the meme, which has resulted in more than 700 thousand views.

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