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Almost everyone in the world has used dating apps such as Tinderin the hope of making a connection to the romantic, then it will end up turning into a relationship and completely. And the celebrity will also play a role in this world!!! Can you imagine meeting your favorite celebrity in an application for dating? It would be good for you!

Most of the celebrities who sign up for dating apps is an app for the elite, so-called Raya. Basically, it’s like any other relationship, but it is so well-known people, and it takes a lot of skills for the birds, which are needed for you to get into it (including a certain number of followers on the Instagram to prove that you are a public figure).

So, I have used it in this application? Well, as many stars as Niall Horan, Zac Efron, Joe Jonas, Austin Mahone and Demi Lovato you already admitted that you have used in this application, dating prior to. And a separate 10 celebs you had no idea that you’ve already used the app.

Demi Lovato

The voice of the ‘I Love Me’, he revealed in his documentary ‘Simply Two‘ in 2017 at the earliest after the end of his relationship with the Wilmer Valderramashe went in for the dating, looking for a human connection. “I’m open to a human connection, thus, whether it is for a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter to me…. “ said Demi.

Recently, Demi told me that after she finished her last relationship, she tried to go back to the app, but it has not been accepted to the city centre.

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Zac Efron

How to configure to get the application in to the meetings Tinderbut it was a total failure! He said in an interview with the magazine Times: “Surprisingly, when I signed up on Tinder, no one has given me a Match! They thought that my profile was fake.” Really, who ever would have thought that the appeal of the ‘High School Musical‘ I would be there looking for love.

Joe Jonas

The website PageSix reported in 2016), he has been found to be in the dating elite Raya. But it is, of course, it is out of the question right now considering that he is married to actress and ‘Game Of Thrones’, Sophie Turner. The two have been together for years, so it’s safe to assume, or hope, that it is no longer active on the app for some time now.

Lindsay Lohan

Recently, the actress ‘Girls Are Evil’ posted on his social networking profile to his brother, Michaelin the application Tinder with the caption, “Look who I found in the Tinderapp”, and, consequently, She gave up and it was on the app.

Khloe Kardashian

It’s hard to imagine a Kardashian’s in need of an app for dating, to get to know the men, but this has been the case for Khloe. After that, his relationship with the player of the GAME James Hardenfinished in 2016, the star of the reality tv show”Keeping Up With The Kardashians” he revealed that it actually had a profile on an app for a dating, called OkCupidwho is your best friend, you created it for it. “I’ve never done this before, but Malika and I decided to create a new profile. It was actually a lot of fun doing it, ” she said in an interview.

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Hilary Duff

Hilary is currently in a serious relationship with her boyfriend Matthew Komabut prior to that, she admitted that it had experimented with the application of a dating relationship Tinder. In 2015, she said to the presenter Ryan Seacrest I was using the app, and it even showed on the music video for his song, “Sparks“!

Katy Perry

2014, California, said during an interview on a radio show that was on in the Tinder. Can you imagine, giving up a Match with her?” At that time, the voice of the ‘Never Really ‘ Over’ he said that he was “very, very interested in the Tinder, but I don’t have a lot of the time.”

Niall Horan

After the separation of the voice ‘Slow Hands“with an actress, and a singer Hailee Steinfeld, Niall was spotted in the app for the dating of the text. “When his profile began to appear in the Rayait was clear that he was single, and he returned to the scene with the girls again,” said a source close to the singer by the website Goss.ie.

KJ Apa

The star of ‘theRiverdale’ I was not in the app Raya not in the Tinderbut it came to the application of dating Bumble! In fact, he wasn’t looking for a girlfriend, but he used the dating site’s for a good cause! In the NBA, held a contest where one lucky girl won a date with him, but it was not very romantic. The winning team spent the day in the NBA if you have been volunteering at the foundation The ASPCA. In honor of the contest, the app Bumble has also donated 50 thousand dollars to the institution. Imagine winning a date with the actor, and to be able to help animals in need? This is really a key to victory.

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Austin Mahone

While playing a game of “I Never” in with the web site Accessthe singer has revealed that she had already used it Raya before, but he didn’t do this a lot. “I’ve made an account and I was only on for a few days on the app. It was not really my vibe,” said Austin.

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