Accused of the killing of the missionary, Dorothy Stang, is arrested in são paulo, brazil


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One of the persons accused of the killing of the missionary, Dorothy Stang, was arrested by the Police, the Military, and in Itapetininga, in the state of São Paulo, brazil. The united states has been assassinated by gunfire, and in 2005, in Anapu, state of Pará. The name of the prisoner has not been released by the ministry of Public Security of São Paulo state. In the PM I have received an anonymous report about the whereabouts of the accused. According to the associated press, the man at the front of the building and attempted to flee when he saw police officers. On the inside of the house, the mp has found the documents to be false. According to the Prosecutor’s office, the missionary, was killed because he defended the deployment of the settlements and to the rural workers in the areas of public land were claimed by ranchers and loggers in the region.

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