Actor, the Man-Ant, is going to auction off the item on the film to help stores comic books


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Around the world, the economy is feeling the negative effects of the pandemic on the the new coronavirusthis includes the industry of entertainment. Movies and tv shows have their own recordings to a standstill, the premieres have been delayed, and the market for comic books had escaped, the editors have also held up its release.

This is particularly bad for the stores of the comic book in the u.s., which are devoted almost exclusively to selling that kind of stuff. Thinking about help them, especially in the smaller stores, David Dastmalchian who was the most famous, thanks to the Man’s Ant-Likedecided to do something about it.

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Dastmalchianthat he lived Now in the Man’s Ant-Like and The man-Ant, and the Wasp.decided to auction an item used in the second movie, to raise money, in order to help you The Comic Shop american.

In your post Twitterhe says:

Excited to help #Creators4Comics to raise the money for the shopping of the comic book stores, ivros independent! Let us know your bid in now for a pack of three pins to the Count of Crowley’s, and an item of a secret that I have drawn from the set of The man-Ant, and the Wasp! (Hint: it fits in a wallet). The bidding starts at $30! Let us know your bid in response to this tweet.”

David Dastmalchian it is not the only player in the Marvel comics try to make a difference in the midst of a pandemic. Chris Evans (Captain America: The First Avenger), for example, will read a children’s book for children to live in their Instagram. At this moment, such a delicate, all over the world, many stars are trying to help lessen the impact of the crisis on countries throughout the world.

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