Anitta makes it appearance a bolt of lightning into the ‘live the lives’ organized by Lady-Gaga – 18/04/2020


Anitta was the only one in brazil to take part today in the “life of lives” and “One World: Together, At Home, a festival, an online-organized by the WHO under the guardianship of Lady Gaga. The brazilian singer, introduced to the show of the colombian Juanes.

Anitta came up right after the performance, Sheryl Crow, talking in English and introducing the next guest.

“And he has 2 Grammy awards and 20 Latin Grammy awards. He has sold more than 15 million albums around the world. He is a singer, a songwriter, an activist, and a hottie. In Colombia, Juanes.”

To the disappointment of the fans, who were hoping to see the brazilian singer, the cameo appearance of Anitta only lasted for about 15 seconds. She, however, had already warned that it will only participate in the live, talking, and not singing.

“When you asked me, I said the same thing to you that I am replying to every time. I still haven’t figured out a way that is easy-to-make-a-show to the live call on the people in my house,” said Anitta.

After the introduction of Anitta, Juanes performed the song to music, “But in the Future, That the Past”.

“One World: Together, At Home and in the air, from the 15, here to of the 23, and you’ll have an show from the 21.

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