Anitta vent after Babu loses a proof of the leader of the RATING is 20


The singer and the rio Anitta (PHOTO: Playback)

Anitta has grown to be a fan of the card of the WEEK 20, primarily on the grounds of being alone in the house due to the new coronavirus. With the crowd declared, Babu Santana, the singer, says the daily on the program. This Thursday (the 16th), there was more of a test of the leader programme, and the Babu was lost, standing in the background.

The singer was
upset at the loss of him, and he thought about the possibility of him going to the wall
more than one time. “Babu, for God’s sake! When this little boy is going to win, guys?
It will be the last leader is going to be in it? The Rider is great, too, but wow!
Babu, we’re going to win! “ started it.

“Now, if you have the Babu back to the
the wall, the people, you know… don’t come to me to talk of ‘the human’, in which the human is, the radius of which
with the head off! That such a man could not go on. It.”, has a funkeira.

Anitta contest
in the absence of the sort of Babu in the game. “You need to Babu. I can’t stand it any longer. I don’t
I can see that this boy is chip. It must be pretty bad to get deleted
so. All over the world, living the life, and you as well, in a house full of people,” he boomed.

As to his own followers, to say that it’s a lie, I am Going to Malandra, emphasizes the loneliness of the Babu in the game, saying that the girls leave you alone. “Anitta posting fake news, the pros, more than 40 of the followers of the Manu, Rafa, and their love scenes are excluded and the Babu. This is a woman that is mad, clueless, and totally out of character,” said one follower.

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“Oh my God, if
the Anitta force she shits, here’s the proof that she didn’T watch the ppv, and the only
cheers from the pro-Babu because he is cute to discipline,” said another follower.

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