Brian Dennehy, the character of Rambo, he died at the age of 81 years It


LOS ANGELES Brian Dennehythe versatile actor, winner of a Tony and a Golden Globe award, is known for his roles in the Rambo and Romeo and Julietdied at the age of 81 years.

In a career of over four decades has embraced papeís on the tv series Dallason Broadway and in the movies, and, more recently, a voice in the production of RatatouillePixar.

Dennehy has died of natural causes that are not related to the coronavirus at his home in Connecticut, on Wednesday, the 15th, at the side of his wife and his son.

Larger-than-life, generous to the bone, a father and grandfather, proud, and pious,” he wrote to his daughter, Elizabeth, also an actress.

After his participation in the series Dynastyin 1981, he became well-known for his role of the villain in the movie Rambo – Programmed To Kill (1982), with Sylvester Stallone. Other famous personages include the leader of the alien at the The upper right corner (1985), and the father of Leonardo DiCaprio in the successful release of the Romeo and Juliet (1996).

Dennehy went so far as to enlist in the u.s. army before beginning his career as an actor, being located on the island of Okinawa at the end of the 1950s, and later worked as a stockbroker on the New York stock exchange.

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