Chris Evans shows his routine in quarantine.


Chris Evans known to be living in the Captain America in the cinemas, you are living the life that Steve Rogers always wanted to be on the side of the Left. Check it out:

I spend most of my time in the garden with my dog or in the kitchen. My dog’s enjoying her time here. I try to keep a regular routine. I am a person who prefers to stay at home, so I don’t feel the need to go out every day. Most of the time I just use it to read books, or play with my dog. And I’m sleeping a lot better. I’m going to go to bed at 21:30 and is up at 7 am in the morning. All of the day. I feel like that’s kind of the life of a monk, but that’s the way I like it. The advantage of this is that I now have a lot more time to organize my life. I realize that I’ve been doing a lot more of the things that I have saved a lot of time, because I’m not on the direct road. Everything is on hold at the moment, but it’s going to come back. To be honest, I don’t expect you to have problems at the back, I think that we’re going to retormar up where we left off before the financial crisis. The project is at the very beginning, so you haven’t lost money’

Fans have speculated that Chris Evans will be able to do a small part in the Falcon, & the Soldier in Winter. So far, nothing has been confirmed yet.

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