Coronavirus: the masks are now mandatory in the state of New York | the Journal of the National


The more than 150-thousand people have been killed in all the world, for the sake of the new coronavirus. In the United States, the latest figures have brought some cause for hope. Even so, the state of New York has stepped up measures to prevent them.

They are now required to be part of the whole of the state of New York. All over the world that you are in a public place must wear a mask. On public transport, or to walk the dog.

The lowest number of people killed in more than two weeks ago – the 540-24-hours, the governor, Andrew Cuomo, believes that the worst is over. But he warned: “We’re still not in a comfortable position”.

The number of new attendances at hospitals continue to remain in the house and two thousand for the day. That is similar to the one obtained at the end of march, when the pandemic was heading for the off-peak hours.

And it’s a drama that happens in the nursing home, where the 36-older people, died on a Friday (the 17th). On Thursday (the 16th), there were 29. But the number could be even higher.

Several reports have appeared in the american press this weekend, stating that all residential care homes are not disclosing the data on a transparency.

The New York Times stated in an article in a home for the elderly, in the borough of Brooklyn, which is 55 and older had died in the last few days.

In other states, where the situation is not as severe as, several governors have announced that they will begin to suspend the measures in isolation from, the 1st of may. Among them, the Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and Texas.

Experts will tell you that you’re going to have to triple the number of tests that were done today to make sure that a re-opening, with safety and security. But the New York governor said he’s going to need an army that doesn’t exist, to try and track down people who had contact with confirmed cases of the Covid-19. And an integrated health care system that doesn’t exist.

And to give a helping hand to those who work in health care, dozens of artists from several countries gathered together on this Saturday (the 18th). Virtually, of course.

The show is a collaboration of the World Health Organization, to name a few, Lady Gaga. She said that the initiative “is a love letter to all of our team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who are risking their lives to save us.”

Even if the show is this Saturday, in addition to the actual Concert, names such as Andrea Bocelli, Camila Cabello, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, for example.

The world passes to the film festival One World – Together At the Home shortly after the top of the Hour.