Discover the worst episode in the history of the Friends


As with any TV series, Friends, has had a few bad moments. It’s normal, even for a production that has been so successful.

In these bad times is the worst episode of the series. As revealed by Screen Rant, the next chapter, which is the worst rating of ” Friends, it is focused on Ross and Rachel.

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It’s safe to say that it makes no sense. Ross and Rachel are a married couple that causes a lot of controversy – in the same way as it is loved by a lot of fans, it will also continue to exist.

The chapter in question is the One With The Invitation, the season 4 finale. The plot of it is simple: it’s Ross and Rachel, remind us of some of the best and the worst moments of their relationship, while at the same time, the character that David Schwimmer is preparing to get married.

At the end of season 4, Ross was getting ready to marry Emily. Even though it may not be the best relationship, both of them were getting on with it.

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In chapter 21, The One With The Invitation Ross and Emily send out the invitations. For the bride, it is no surprise that her boyfriend invited her to the character of Jennifer Aniston, who was a past to it.

When you send out the invitation, Who begins to assess the all of a relationship with Him. The character that does the same thing when I receive your letter.

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In the episode, it’s the worst because it added nothing to the series, ending up with the obvious answer to that, Rachel was not going to the wedding. In addition to that, this article is the first of the Friends to be made, with a number of scenes from previous episodes.

Basically, it’s The One With The Invitation was just a way to wrap up and make the fans wait even longer at the end of the season.

Of all the seasons of Friends are available on Netflix.

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