Drake gives tour of his plane at an auction to raise funds


Drake’s is offering a unique experience to help raise funds for the fight against the COVID-19.

Drake is giving fans the chance to live as he did, for a night out, a ride in his private jet ‘Air Drake’, a bundle of clothes and shoes of the EGG-and-Nike-admission tickets to one of their upcoming shows, and a private party in a trendy club in Delilah in the Los Angeles area.

It’s all part of the All-In Challenge, which many celebrities, are joining in, including Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio, who is currently being held by Michael Rubin in order to raise funds for the fight against COVID-19.

Many people are desperately in need of a little hope in their lives right now, and it is an experience of a fan single with Drake, who was one of the most popular artists in the world, and that is exactly what some people need in order to overcome this pandemic.

On being asked by Tom, Brady, Drake joked that it would donate all of its assets, a legendary season, including their home and their cars, as part of the challenge. So, it came to the actual offers. “I’m going to give everything I can for this challenge,” said Drake, who was standing in the now-famous museum.

“He who overcomes, will be given the chance to fly in the Air, and Drake,” said he, in that video. “I’m going to get a package from the EGG, and Nike is waiting for you on the plane. I will take you back to Los Angeles. Are you going to celebrate christmas with us at one of our parties at Delilah. We have a lot of fun, to put it in a nice hotel, with whom you may choose to bring it to the end of the week, and it didn’t end there though, because we’ll be in touch again in the city where you are, and I want to give them the best tickets possible to the show so that we could tour again”

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This is an experience that’s quite impressive, provided by Drake. We are sure that many fans would love to have the opportunity to connect with the Champagne Papi. Check out the video below.