Dwayne Johnson’s thoughts on privacy: ‘Had a very positive effect on my marriage’ – 19/04/2020


The american actor Dwayne Johnson, also known as ‘The Rock’, who is going through the quarantine by his wife, Lauren Hashian, and daughters, Jasmine Leah, 4 years old, and Tiana Technology, 2, used Instagram to tell you how the insulation is affecting you in a positive way in their marriage, even though it is a difficult situation.

By the middle of the video, he explained to me that both of you are making the best of it, in the midst of circumstances that are anything but ordinary. Although the anger from time to time with each other, and the ending balance is a positive one. He took the opportunity to give you the advice to look to the period of time.

“To be the listeners even better, to communicate better. To acknowledge that right now we are operating at the full capacity of the brain, or the mental state,” he noted.

And when the mood hits? “You can take your partner by the shoulders as I did so. Look into their eyes and say with conviction, ‘Baby, you’re not in the wrong. You just don’t tend to be in the right’, and count the number of seconds it takes for the two of you laugh in”, a joke.