Experts comment on the looks and scenes of the Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Elton John lives.


Imagine Lady Gaga with a fan of high school, the braces, glasses and her hair divided in the middle. So it was that the united states has submitted to the Global Citzen, One World, Together, at Home, and the festival and the lives they have created, and has already raised over 18 million dollars for the fight against Covid-19.

Paul McCartney Photo By: Reprpdição
Paul McCartney Photo By: Reprpdição

Jennifer Hudson was the first female singer to perform in the second half of the festival, which started at 15h on Saturday. Singing Alleluia, with a number of other musicians, each of them in your house, with no large-scale production, was used with a leather jacket, the pink on with a cardigan of the same color. The scenario is a little studio at home, he’s just a wall of purple, with the instruments hanging on. This was followed by the very Lady Gaga in a different production, in the living room of his home. On a white piano by the artist, the large candles, in the same tone, symbolized by the peace of the world is looking for at this time.

The consultant of fashion Costanza Pascolato, Gaga sang “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin, and gently “catching”. “In her second outfit, she opted for a top-elastic in the short and the handles are stuck in the waistband of the pants with thin vertical stripes. The black-and-white, given the sobriety of the outfit, and the makeup has been considered, without any exaggeration, with the hair stuck to the root, very large, dark-on,” says Costanza. “He tried to not seem to appear, and he did well.”

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Elton John-Photo: Reproduction
Elton John-Photo: Reproduction

The set designer, the architect, and the director of artítisco Gringo Cardia, agrees. She was a well of cool, with a house in the best style of ‘the human person’. And it showed in a beautiful corner of the residence, which is well-lit, with no presepada,” he says. “Paul McCartney (who introduced himself after Stevie Wonder made a show of evil was filmed in order to appear to common. The point is not to boast, but to create empathy,” he said. The ex-Beatle was in the black vest over a white shirt with what looked to be a studio, a house in the countryside. “I fancy shirt-button-down and well-drawn for the most of this feature. The trouser cut is impeccable and the look of casual, have shown, Paul is comfortable with himself,” says Constance.

Jennifer Lopez-Photo: Reproduction
Jennifer Lopez-Photo: Reproduction

While the black reference is made to the bereaved, a style, Seek the Oak, he believes that it is the color that has been used by a lot of artstas for any other reason. “It is a tone of discreet, glare-free, modest. It speaks less of loss and more and more of the aesthetics, simply, that it does not call attention to, and it has a lot to do with your time,” he says.

The fifth star of the night, to perform at the festival of lives, and arranged for Lady Gaga, Elton John has chosen a path of, let’s say, Elton John. In the back yard of his parents ‘ house, sang, and played the “I’s “standing” on a baby grand piano on board in a suit emblazoned with a navy blue background on the t-shirt in pink. “It was the same as always, with a tender, pop the middle out of context. All of the artists that are making an effort to look as casual as possible! But I think that for it to be hard to do.” Gringo Cardia agree, but do you think the effect ended up being cool. “The garden should be a place, less obvious, of the manor of Elton John, and it has a light, nice. I think that all of the artists preouparam to show that they are beings, umanos soldários,” he said.

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In the view of Constance “of Chris Martin, he was dressed, as always, to those who knit, knit, and maxipulôver, which is a snobbery that exists of the musicians of the anglo saxonica”. Already, Beyonce’s opted for a blazer ombrão and cap marinhiero in the evening, with a wig and the red and the make is impeccable.

“The artists and the members of the showbizz are often the messengers of the fashion icons and the movements that shake the society as a whole”, says the researcher of fashion and lifestyle, Paula Acioli “From the beginning to the end of the session, there was an alignment-total number of participants in the One World, bound Together at at at at at Home. They were, quite literally, ‘at home’. Anyone wanting to see more than anyone else.”

Jennifer Lopez has recently been criticised on social media by posting a video of her isolation with her husband, baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, took a water-Perrier in your own garden film, he chose to make, and look professional. But once upon the scene, the tree all lit up, with the status of the production of the megashow. “I thought it was kind cheesy, but it was honest. Light of christmas all over the world have in the house,” says the Gringo Cardia. Lights, yes we do. The trees…