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The newcomer added to the Session in the Afternoon, at the Globe, and the book of the Series, and the different channels of pay-TV, Adam Sandler will be honored in an afternoon on the Warner bros. Channel on this Sunday (the 19th). From 12h20, you will be shown five films in the sequence, the king of slapstick comedy, which has a lot of fans and also many critics.

The 53-year-old in the life of an actor, and 36 were assigned to the mood you are in. He began his career doing stand-up comedy at the age of 17, and received a little help from comedian Dennis Miller, who attended one of his concerts, and led him into the world of show business.

Today, Sandler appears in the ranking of the ten actors are the highest paid in Hollywood, and it has renewed the contract for the production of the films in the Series at the beginning of this year. The actor will make at least four more to long for the streaming service.

But, before you become a success on digital platforms, and the actor rose to fame in TV and on the big screen in the movie theater. See below for five fun facts about Adam Sandler:

1 – Start the TV

Although it has been in over 50 films, he was in the living room, he began to make a projection. He made some of the equity in the television sitcom The Cosby Show from 1987 to 1988. In 1990, he was hired as a writer for Saturday Night Live, and in the following year, she joined the cast of the sitcom, a position occupied during the first five years. He went out of the programme, to sketch the status of a major player, and the band embarked on several major box office hits in the following years.

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2 – the Criticism by the experts

Sandler is one of the actors, and the producers of the most loved and hated at the same time. In his films, most of the time, they have good box-office and the start of laughter from the audience. The problem is that the critics have not stand any more. The idea is that he has repeated for years his way of doing comedy. It came to be named for the award for their work on the Jewels by the Gross, in the Series, but was dropped at the end of the day.

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler in it As If for the First Time, one of the classics of comedy

3 – Loved by the public

If Adam Sandler is denoted by the critics at the awards, “head”, and he always stands out at events where the audience chooses the winner. At the Kids’ Choice Awards, took the award for best actor in ten times, and in between them, As if for the First Time (2004) and Click (2006), a film that will be shown at the marathon.

4 – the Success of the Series

With a contract to Sign since the year 2015, Adam Sandler has already made seven films, the giant of the internet. Since it’s well with your style, such as Making a Living (in 2016), and There are the Parents (2018), until it yields any different than what you are used to it: The Meyerowitz (2017), and Jewels by the Gross (to 2020). Jennifer Aniston made it ” the Mystery of the Mediterranean sea (to 2019) will be seen by over 30 million accounts around the world in the first three days it was available.

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5 – Charge for expensive

In the survey, the most recent Forbes ‘ list, Adam Sandler appears, as the seventh-highest paid actor in Hollywood, having earned$ 57 million (Us$ 299,5 million) from 1 June 2018 1 June 2019, the most of stars such as Will Smith and Chris Evans. In addition to acting, Sandler is also producing his own films.

The marathon of Adam Sandler at the Warner bros. Channel

Please see below for the schedule of the films that will be shown this Sunday (the 19th):

12h20 – Tuned to Love
14: 15 – the Click
16h20 – Zohan: The Agent is Good at Cutting
18h25 – As If for the First Time
20h15 – Wife-of-make-believe