Find out how the ‘One World: Together, at Home, to live with Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Anitta, and the other


RIO de janeiro — THE festival “One World: Together, at Home, to live under the guardianship of Lady Gaga, rallied during the afternoon on Saturday with some of the biggest stars in the world to raise awareness about care for the prevention of the multi-Covid-19 and to honor the health care professionals and scientists who are at the forefront of the fight against the virus. In a surprise performance of Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Lang Lang, John Legend and Andrea Bocelli singing the song “the prayer” closed the night. The brazilian Anitta has participated in presenting to the colombian Juanes, with no singing.

After six hours of presentations from such names as ex-One Direction Niall Horan, Adam Lambert, The Killers, Kesha, in addition to Luis Fonsi, Charlie, Puth, Annie Lennox, and the pianist Lang Lang, and the show starts at 21h, with Jenifer Hudson singing “Hallelujah”, by Leonard Cohen, accompanied by the choir. Then there are the presenters, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert have announced that the project had already raised about$ 50 million a year, just for fun, that half of the shaft is only turned by Jeff Bezos (the president of the Amazon and the richest man in the world) to turn upside down.

Paul McCartney on the event,
Paul McCartney on the event, “One World: Together ‘at Home’ Photo: Playing on the internet

In the following, Lady Gaga she sang “Smile” and Stevie Wonder he played “Lean on me”. At 21h10, SirPaul McCartney she was the “Lady Madonna” on the piano.

I am very honored and humbled to be able to celebrate our true heroes in the health-care professional. This apandemia is a world-wide economic crisis, we need to come together on a global scale. We’re going to say to our leaders, to strengthen health-care systems around the world has highlighted the ever present Help, pointing out that his mother, Mary, was a nurse and mid-wife.

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Elton John headlined the night of action featuring one of their biggest hits, “I’m still standing”. After the participation of the colombian Maluma, was shown the video of Chris Martin singing “Yellow”, the success of Coldplay’s upcoming album, which started a wave of music online in the united states.

A little before 22h, one of the most highly anticipated of the night: the Rolling Stones appeared one by one on the mosaic of the camera: Mick Jagger, then Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts, who have played a leading role in the great event of the evening, playing the classic “You can’t always get what you want.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello (duet) Eddie Vedder playing the organ in the church, Lizzo, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Billie, Joe, Armstrong, Billie Eilish and Taylior Swift complete the line-up of stars for the event.

In the afternoon

Early stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Danai Gurira, and Jack Black (who improvised a series of playful exercises in your home, in order to “flatten the curve” of the abdomen), have strengthened the importance of the social isolation of those who stay at home. The stars of the sport such as formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton ex-player David Beckham were also present.

The virus does not differentiate between gender, ethnicity, or social class, all of us are equally susceptible to it. We have to stand together to get out even stronger from this situation is emphasised by the actor Matthew McConaughey.

The first show was in the singer Andra Day, followed by the former member of One Direction is Niall Horan. In the event you switch to musical performances, and information on how to deal with the pandemic. The attractions of a number of different styles, such as Adam Lambert, The Killers, Kesha, in addition to Luis Fonsi, Charlie Puth, and pianist Lang Lang.

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The dreams of the Covid-19:The researchers will create a database of dreams over the course of the pandemic, the coronavirus

In the event you started out at 15 hours on Saturday, with a video tribute to health care professionals, and a keynote speech from actress, Jameela Jamil, one of the series, “The Good Place”. Jamil recalled that all the donations that have been made by large companies, and in the event you now is only for the public, isolated in-house by a multi-Covid-19 the fun of it.

Sidarta Ribeiro,‘For good sleep, you have to wash a lot of dishes’

Alternating with respects to local health care professionals, and testimonials by celebrities, have attended the event, with the duo Getting Tukker, Annie Lennox, Jack Johnson, and Zucchero, the concert pianist, Lang Lang and Luis Fonsi (with the band), and singer Jennifer Hudson.