Get to know the 6-cardgames that are featured in the PC


People who have never spent hours playing a good card game, whether it is in sports the more traditional played with a standard deck, be it games, role-playing more complex?

All cardgames are among the most popular genre of games around the world, and it wouldn’t be any different on a PC. The platform also has a good selection that are available both for Windows and for iOS.

6 and cardgames, which are featured in the PC

Here are six good choices from the classic to a few new ones.


Well-known for developing games fever, the world’s such as Overwatch, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, and Diablo, Blizzard and also play very well on cardgames, so much so that it is now responsible for one of the most popular games in the genre: this is the Heartstone, a game of cards, free of charge, which is based on the Warcraft universe.

Of the hundreds of collectible playing cards are divided into classes like the demon hunter, druid, mage, paladin, priest, rogue, and others. The game allows for both single-player mode against the computer, as well as the multiplayer, in addition to an adventure mode to unlock the cards, and the famous Controversy of the wine bar, weekly events, that will break all of the rules.


Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

In the series of games The Witcher, the sorcerer Geralt of Rívia, it is a rage both on consoles like the Xbox and Playstation, and the PC. It’s not a coincidence that it turned the series from Netflix, starring Henry Cavill. What many people don’t know is that there is a cardgame in the history of the Gwent.

Available for you to play for free on your PC game this is a game of choices and consequences, that has both skill and luck as his main weapon. You can also choose one of six factions available to you, and to gather together the military, Gwent allows you to the multiplayer modes of the game. There are hundreds of cards available for collection, including heroes, spells, and abilities.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Another card game based on the franchise of the hugely successful on consoles and pc, The Elder Scrolls, Bethesda’s, and they can also be played for free on Steam, the cardgame and brings creatures and characters in the universe of Tamriel, it is a game that combines the skill and tactics of the traditional genre.

It also includes hundreds of letters, which can be combined in a deck is between 50 and 100 cards. The game also has two expansions, which will increase the library’s card, and it can be played both in single-player, with the promise of hundreds of hours of gameplay, as well as in multiplayer against a competitor ranked.

The Poker

For those who enjoy a good game of poker, it’s a good option to pass the time as The Poker game is free on Steam. The game, developed by Pipework Studio that brings in a way of a game dynamic where the player needs to deal with some of the gang-of-poker-of the city’s Prominence.

As well as on web sites and other recreational sports, to the benefit of The Poker online is that you do not need to bet real money to play with and against other real players in multiplayer mode, with the events and the championships, journals, daily challenges, leaderboards, among other modes of play. It’s a nice alternative between all the cardgames to play the sport of the mind, the most popular on the planet, it is only in Brazil, there are more than 8 million members.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game

A good, old-fashioned allowance of pocket monsters can also be representative of the weight on cardgames, the Pokemon TCG, which is also a digital version to compliment the already established physical release, which is available even in Brazil.

The cardgame can be played free of charge, with a four-deck theme is free, but it also allows you to expand your collection, the physical to the digital realm, even a system of barter with other players. It also has tournaments and online matches, in addition to the practice mode against other players controlled by the computer.

Magic: The Gathering-Arena

Last, but not least, one of the most popular cardgames of all time, Magic: The Gathering, the Arena has earned her the digital version – and-free – three years ago. The game also features a tutorial for those who are not familiar with the Magic that you can learn. For those of you who know, you just need to venture out into disputes online, and in the various championships in the game.

The game includes decks exclusive to the digital version, in addition to the traditional letters, known by all the players, and a game with deep and varied, and special events, in-game, which makes it very real.

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