Gift of mr. Luiz Fernando Lisboa, describes the difficult situation in Cabo Delgado


On Easter Sunday (12/04), Pope Francis spoke of the grave humanitarian crisis currently underway in the world, and in the message Urbi et Orbi, one of them is in the region of the Cabo Delgado province situated in the north of the country. The solidarity of the bishop of Pemba, the president of the Southern Regional 1) of the CHURCH, dom Pedro Luiz Stringhini, the bishop of the city of Mogi das Cruzes (são paulo state).

Mariangela Jaguraba to the City of the Vatican

“Who is the Lord of life himself to be close to the people of Africa and Asia, which are undergoing severe humanitarian crises, such as in the Region of the Cabo Delgado province in the north of the country.”

This was the call of Pope Francis to the message Urbi et Orbi (the city of Rome and the world) on Easter Sunday (12/04), referring to the wars underway in the world.

The Bishop of cabo delgado, Mozambique, Gift of mr. Luiz Fernando lisboa, Lisbon, describes the situation faced by the local population in Cabo Delgado. “We have been suffering for three years without knowing why they are being attacked. Three years ago, everything has changed in our lives. Tears of pain and sorrow. We fled to where,” says the bishop, in the face of terrorist attacks, which affect mainly the districts of the northern and central areas of the province.

The president of the Southern Regional 1) of the CHURCH, dom Pedro Luiz Stringhini, the bishop of the city of Mogi das Cruzes (SP), brazil, in solidarity with the victims affected by the attacks in the northern region of Mozambique, and it ensures a deep sense of solidarity and communion with the Diocese of Pemba and its people have gone through.

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The gift Stringhini came with the news of the attacks that occur in Cabo Delgado province in the northern part of the Country, and wrote a message of solidarity to the Bishop of Pemba, and to the missionaries, and the missionaries.

The proposed são paulo and has a Mission of the Diocese of Pemba. All in all, 12 in brazil, including priests, religious and lay people involved in the project, “Mission to Africa by Pemba,” in the villages in Nangade, Mazeze, and Metoro.

Let us listen to the testimony of don Fernando Luiz in Lisbon on the subject of the situation in Cabo Delgado.

According to don Fernando, the Government has acted-through the defense force, but the group of attackers is increased and the overall strategy of the forces for the defense has not been good at all. “All of the attackers have surrendered in various places in the defence forces, were stolen guns, vehicles, food and uniforms. It works by using the uniforms of the Army, and it confuses many people. The people did not know who to trust. The people fled to the bush. The Church tries to help people with food, medicine, clothing and rebuilding of homes. The Church has been present all this time, trying to be a witness of hope among the population.”

It follows, in its entirety, the message of Stringhini, in solidarity with the Bishop of the Diocese of Pemba.

Dear Dom Luis Fernando Lisboa.

Dear missionaries of the Diocese of Pemba!

The situation in the Region of Cabo Delgado, as told in the program of the Ministry of Communication of the catholic Diocese of Pemba (the Church, the sister of a Southern Regional 1), a lot of us sad and makes us feel more and more helpless.

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We’ll give it to you for a greater number of brothers and sisters to unite with us in prayer and support.

The life, the sacred gift of God, and for the same reason, according to the faith of pascal, that of the christians, and covered always for the joy, the beauty, and the hope is so threatened in our days, it is due to illness, whether that violence is mind-blowing.

In this way, the Dom luis Fernando and the other children, you can be sure of our deep sense of solidarity and communion with the Diocese of Pemba, and its long-suffering people.

We continue to believe that the hope does not disappoint. Count on our prayers and our love.

Very well,

Dom Pedro Luiz Stringhini

The president of the Southern Regional 1) of the CHURCH