“I don’t give a damn about you”


Sophie Turner, Game of Thrones and X-Men: the Phoenix is Black, did not accept the statements of the Evangeline Lilly is the Wasp of the Marvel movies, including Avengers: Ultimatum. Lilly was ignoring the quarantine, to fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

On Instagram, Lilly, stated that the rules in isolation – it is the main method of protection against the coronavirus, it is not worth to her family. That is not all.

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The actress had left her and the children, usually in the camp. The main argument of the well-known also well-known for “Lost,” that he doesn’t open his hand for the freedom (more on that here).

Also, for Instagram, Sophie Turner, and together with her husband, Joe, Jonas, who had recorded a video. The famous ” hit it directly in the post, Lilly.

“Get in the house. They are not stupid, even if you value your freedom, rather than their own health. I don’t give a damn about your freedom,” the first said in the past.

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After this, the actress said that it may be the case even with persons who have mild symptoms of the disease.

“You could be infecting other people, and other vulnerable members of the population, to do so. So, to stay in the house. It is not cool and not smart,” concluded Sophie Turner.

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Maggie Grace, who appeared opposite, with Evangeline Lilly in the series, “Lost,” was the latest hit to the former co-starring:

Hi, I read your post, and I think that’s cause for concern. There is no need to panic, but at the same time, it is for all of us, the most vulnerable, and the immune-compromised and the elderly.

Of course, it’s a free country, but he chose to exercise a part of such a wonderful freedom to have some compassion and trust in the broad science of it here, and don’t burden the health care system.

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No doctor should have to pick and choose which patients would receive care in order to save lives and to which they would be sent back to the house to die for – and the kind of screening that is happening, tragically, in Italy, at the moment,” finished Grace.

Coincidentally, it was revealed in the hours after the controversial post of Lilly on Instagram, which his former colleague of “Lost,” Daniel Dae Kim, had tested positive for the COVID-19. Now, another actor from Lost, he decided to post it on the vault to date, and although he did not mention Lilly’s, or her character, and the fans, who thought that he had an indirect interest, to his former love interest on-screen.

The picture in the post showing Holloway how to Swayer the side of Jack’s (Matthew Fox), with a roadmap of change for the Lost that says, “a Beach of their own. Peaceful breeze of the ocean. Cut to kate and Sawyer playing cards on the beach. SAWYER: Just you, me, and the sleeves, sir. JACK: Yes you can. That is what QUARANTINE When.”

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Considering the emphasis on “orientation,” and including two former Lilly on “Lost,” certainly this was a reference to the controversial post of the show.

Here’s the post from Holloway:

After a terrible reception from your original post, the actor from Lost, and Marvel has made a new post, asking for an apology. She said, sorry.

“I want to offer my most sincere apologies for the insensitivity I showed in my previous post in the grief and fear that are very real, which have taken over the world by the COVID-19. Grandparents, parents, children, brothers and sisters are dying, the world is coming together to find a way to stop this threat is very real, and in my silence, in the subsequent have sent a message to the disdainful, arrogant, and enigmatic. I apologize that you direct to those most affected by this pandemic. Never I wanted to hurt you. At the time I wrote this post for the past 10 days, I thought I was pouring the quiet on the online. I can see now that I was projecting my own fears into a situation that is already traumatic event,” wrote Lilly on Instagram.

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Hello everyone. I am writing to you from my home, where I have been with social distancing when the Sea, the 18th – when social distancing was instituted in the small community where I am currently living. The At-the-time-of-my-Mar 16th, post the directives from the authorities here were that we are not to congregate in groups of more than 250ppl, and that we wash our hands regularly, which we were doing. Two days later, those directives yet, and, despite my intense trepidation over the socioeconomic and political repercussions of this course of action, PLEASE KNOW I AM DOING MY PART TO FLATTEN THE CURVE, PRACTICING SOCIAL DISTANCING, AND STAYING HOME WITH MY FAMILY. I want to offer my sincere and heartfelt apology for the insensitivity I showed in my previous post, to the very real suffering and fear that has gripped the world, through COVID19. Grandparents, parents, children, sisters and brothers are dying, the world is rallying to find a way to stop this very real threat, and my ensuing silence has sent a dismissive, arrogant and a cryptic message. My direct and special apologies to those most affected by this pandemic. I never meant to hurt you. When I wrote that post 10 days ago, I thought I was by infusing calm into the hysteria. I can see now that I was projecting my own fears into an already fearful and traumatic situation. I am grieved by the ongoing loss of life, and the impossible decisions of medical workers around the world must make as they treat those affected. I am concerned for our communities – and small businesses, and families, living paycheck-to-paycheck and I am trying to follow the responsible recommendations for how to help. Like many of you, I fear for the political aftermath of this pandemic, and I am praying for us all. At the same time, I am heartened by the beauty and the humanity I see so many people demonstrating towards one another in this vulnerable time. When I was grappling with my own fears over social distancing, one is kind, wise and gracious person said to me, “it’s out of love, not fear,” and it helped me to realize my place in all of this. Sending love to all of you, even if you can’t return it right now. EL

The post is shared by Evangeline Lilly (@evangelinelillyofficial on

In the opinion of Evangeline Lilly’s you can end up squirting hard in her career, and is affecting even her screen time in her upcoming movie on the Marvel comics, the Man-Ant-3.

On the website We Got This Covered has heard from sources that Marvel is seriously upset with the attitudes of the Last, and probably most importantly, with a storm on the social network that it is causing.

So many people are asking for it to be removed from the MCU, and in fact, it is mainly because of the comments of concern, which suggests that she believes that it is the COVID-19 is a farce.

The site says that Marvel is considering doing what these people are asking for and have them Last though, after his current contract expires.

For the immediate future, however, it seems that his role in the Man-Ant-3 is to be lowered, which would have been a major annoyance for the actress after her role in the Man-Ant, and the Wasp.

It should be noted that, so far, everything is treated just as a speculation, and Marvel has not made any statement official on the matter.