I saw the one concert, One World, and you don’t want to (but for other reasons, of course) – Obse…


The room in which Lady Gaga has chosen for the first performance of the night was a white, clean, and airy. The large windows, tearing out onto the garden. On the floor is a linoleum colors. And the piano, of course. But, on the left-hand side of Her, a door to clear the street. But it is this kind of? It’s a date. It’s a room that, as soon as you give it to the street? I was so mesmerized by the things that you hardly noticed at the top, a black singer, and the sleek white jeans with a risquinhas ” (pdf). She sang her song “Smile”, a theme which was immortalised in the classic “Modern Times”, Charlie Chaplin. It was beautiful.

Beautiful was the tribute that followed, the teachers and educators in general, who, in these days, if you desmultiplicam in order to compensate for the closed schools across the four corners of the world. So, in the future, and our children are even more ignorant. So, in the future, there will be no adults that will say, “the four corners of the world, since the world is round. And that kind of thing. Bowing to all of them.

And a nod also to the wonderful, Stevie Wonder, the Esteves and Wonder of the lord that was to follow. I have, and I think that all of us, I love you, Stevie. Stevie’s life. And it was, of course, willing to look at your house from the inside out. Before you even look at it, I had already thought out in my opinion: “Hugo, don’t fall into the temptation of writing what the home looks like decorated by a blind man”. But the truth is that it looks the same. Or, rather, that it would have been the same. It makes no sense. Evil is evil, you might as well have been in the decorating of the house, and stay like that for a random mixture of many things, of which you are paying a fortune to someone to do it, after not even being able to see the end result. The result is that, at least in what we’ve seen, it’s kind of a waiting room in a doctor’s office a doctor is more or less expensive in the 90’s. A doctor of good, or an ophthalmologist in the middle, and so on.

Ever your own, Stevie, whatever the scenario, it was full of paint, tracksuit bottoms and a scarf on her head. And the beautiful was your tribute to your friend, Bill Withers, who had died less than a month ago, and the one who sang the classic, “Lean on Me”. Only an evil, square did not comoveria.

This was followed by a space, there would be several of the experts to explain a few things about it. This time, he was a medical doctor. As a matter of fact, it ought to be. Your aunt Chica is a rice pudding is great, but you should give your “opinion” on the Covid who knows what he is talking about. This sentence has got to be a little bit sexist. So I’m going to replace it with another cliché bigot: he is your uncle, molly, Armando, you notice a lot of nails and hair, but I would take their “opinions” on the Covid who knows what he is talking about

And still the parade of the king’s music, this time with Paul McCartney, ex-Beatle and an ex-singer in general, he played “Lady Madonna” in-studio that you have at home, while the dance in moving pictures of health-care professionals to work with. I found the studio very very ugly, and I still think it hurt more to know that it is located in a castle somewhere in Scotland. I expected something more pompous. But, you know, you can take the kid from Liverpool, but you can’t take Liverpool to the child.

We’ve connected once to the home of Kacey Musgraves hair was clean and well-kept garden. She sang her song “Rainbow” as we saw dozens of those pictures with the rainbow and the kids have been doing these days. It will be all right, they say, in the mouths of the children. Let’s hope that, once again, the truth is there, in-your-mouth.

Followed that up at the Time, and the first (and nearly the only) library in the evening. In America, it’s at the base of the piano and the open kitchen, the book is not so much with them, as here. You did a beautiful tribute to the many thousands of people, putting them at risk of their own lives, they have been your support and the support of those who have not had anything from before the pandemic.

The hammer Abby Caddaby from Sesame Street, and gave us a few tips on how we embrace each other, without a hug. I have to imagine Lady Gaga on the phone with a dummy for the child. Ri. But maybe that was a little bit nervous.