IZA, it debuted on the Billboard chart in the front of the Cardi B, and Rihanna


IZA debuted on the Billboard charts, the americana on Tuesday (14/4), with its first appearance at the stop of the Social 50. After Justin Bieber, it appears to be in 34th place. IZA is face to face with names like Cardi B (35), Louis Tomlinson (37), Rihanna (46), 5 Seconds of Summer (#47) and Anitta (50).

The singer and tv presenter had social media networks to post it to the #DontRushChallenge, which has had five million page views just on her Instagram. In addition to this, IZA, it can now be seen every Saturday in the ‘Good Music Live’, which is currently being repeated on the TV in the Globe, giving you the most exposure.

This is to stop measuring the engagement of artists from around the world on social networking sites – such as Youtbe, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They are taken into consideration in order to increase followers, share, and spread the music on these platforms.

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