Jennifer Lopez will be the ‘queen of cocaine,’ in the HBO film


The actress and singer is puerto rican, Jennifer Lopez will play the legendary drug lord, a colombian Griselda Blanco, also known as the “queen of cocaine,” and the mentor of Pablo Escobar. The information from the websites to Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter.

O telefilme will be shown on HBO and doesn’t yet have a title set or a premiere date, but we do know that the plot is going to revolve around the rise and fall of a drug dealer. According to the website The Hollywood Reporter, J. Lo has revealed that it is fascinated by the story of a drug dealer.

Griselda Blanco was one of the leaders of the most ruthless and cruel of the cartel, a colombian from Medellin, during the decade of the 1970’s and 1980’s. It has been regarded as one of the initiator of the cartel and the Medellin cartel in Miami, where he founded his own organization. White has been married three times – says that she killed her husband, causing her to also become to be known as “the black widow”.

By 2019, Jennifer Lopez was in the cast of the film “The con artists” (“Hustlers”), where she played a stripper you create a plan to earn more money by stealing from their customers, who are brokers and rich people who work in the stock market on Wall Street, with the help of the other strippers.

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