Justin Bieber releases photos of Hailey Baldwin in the bath tub


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin
Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, (PHOTO: Playback/Instagram)

Justin bieber Bieber it is in quarantine, along with his wife, Hailey Baldwin and he has shared several photos of a test-rigged made in the luxurious bathroom of the couple. Clicks posted to her Instagram, the model will appear in the bath tub, and full.

In some of the pictures, sara faye appears in only a t-shirt, click, well, conceptual. Already one of the most hot, the women are topless, one topless in the bath tub that sits in front of a glass window with a view of the garden.

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Most recently, Justin was featured in a series produced for Youtube, which is the use of drugs began at an early age for him. The life and career of canadian singer, marijuana has been a gateway to the rest of the substances in your life.

“The first time I smoked cannabis it was in my back yard right now. I was so mad, and I realized that I liked a lot of pot [..] Just think, for me, it can be an addiction. But, yes, it is the first time I smoked pot, I had to… I don’t recommend it, but I was 13 years old. 12 or 13, “ he said.

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