Katy-Perry-and why it’s transforming into a great mom


Mom’s first time Katy Perry has never been more ready to raise a family. A year ago, the wedding of Orlando Bloom, the singer is elated with the good news, as I have said in a radio interview on the australian-Fi, Jan & I have recently.

“I was the little girl, or I am that, I had a box full of clothes for the baby before it with a Spring. I’m so excited, I have a couple of nieces and a nephew for whom I am obsessed,” he said. “I don’t think that things are changing. I wasn’t ready, there’s a couple of years ago, I worked to finish the job, and now I feel that way. It’s the time for me, and I think it is the right time,” said the pop diva.

And even though its a little cheeky, spontaneous, the artist proved to be a good mother. Involved in the movement, and influential in the world of music, creative Qualities that are not lacking to the united states in this new journey.

With this in mind, the Most he separated some of the reasons that show just how much the newest member of the family will have good influences in your life, so make the most of a little person full of love in my heart.

Social engagement

In 2018, I come once again to Brazil with a tour in support of the album Witness (2017). With the shows in Porto Alegre, brazil, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, with the presentation of the rio de janeiro state capital, was marked by a moment of the excitement.

In that year, there was the murder of the councillor and Marielle Franco for four days prior to the show, which up until now has not been 100% resolved, and in order to give visibility to the event, the singer gave a homanagem for the song, Unconditionally, and was received on the stage of the child and his sister, Marielle, while the image of the policy they were shown on the big screen.

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The single, Perry has to wear a costume of It for a day. Homelessness on the hair, and with a brand of shoes and handbags on account of the Katy Perry Collection, it has a lot to pass on to the baby in terms of style.

Always be respectful of others ‘ opinions, she, too, likes to show off that he is just like us and like to pass on the message that all of the bodies in different ways, the will is valid, that is, the one who makes the world to you, and the opinions of others don’t matter as long as you are comfortable with.

Thinking about the next one

At the beginning of April, through social media, she said that 10% of the profit from your brand name, for the months of April and may will be donated to the institution for Baby2Baby, which supports children and families affected by the coronavirus.

“Sending out love to all of you on Tuesday! I’m going to donate 10% of sales of all of the shoes and the bags-of-Katy-Perry-Collection-in April and may, to the Baby2Baby, for helping in the effort for them to provide essential items to children and families affected by the Covid-19,” he wrote.


There’s no way to think about music, pop, international, not to mention the california.

With a burst of I Kissed A Girl”, from disc One of the Boys (2008) By Katheryn Hudson, turned around is definitely Katy Perry. Even though some of the downs in a career, and she is a woman of great singles with ” Hot N Cold Part of Me Last Friday Night, Firework and presented the show to the interval of the Super Bowl the most watched of the past decade, racking up 114 million tv viewers in the TV, in the United States.

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Musical inspiration will not be lacking for the girl. In addition, a daddy, a-list actor, the artistic side can be very strong.


In 2013, I was appointed as a goodwill ambassador at the UNICEF (United Nations children’s fund, in Portuguese), during a ceremony at its headquarters in New York city. “I believe that young people have the power to change their own lives, with our support,” said Perry at the time.

But, as fate would have it, Orlando Bloom is also an ambassador of good will for the institution, which further reinforces that the team of people who are concerned about the development of young children from around the world, showing the value of the goodwill, for a brief part of the family.

Lots of love

Tutura of the store glasses, the Nugget, which he made an end of his music video for ” Small Talk, she left one hand, sweet in the heart, in addition to all of the bullshit and have fun.

We have a fanbase of dedicated and fevorosa, the katycats, the musician tries his best to give back all the love, planning ways to meet them in person, calling him a lucky one, or one from behind the stage, offering original content, or simply interact on the internet.

And the proof is that the baby will be very loved, that is, that without a second thought, Perry has set up a music and a video all around the soft, full of meaning, in order to announce the long-awaited pregnancy!

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