La-La Land, Her, and more [LISTA]


A look at a prolonged, exciting conversations, and some that were unimaginable. The love comes through in the details, and was quickly developed in to a relationship, engagement or marriage. It’s just in the movies and in real life as well.

The love stories are not just made for caresses and declarations, however. The eye is lost, the conversation is running out, and all the things that one day, he made a couple and believing that they had triggered a one-time event in space-time, it will disappear.

As art imitates life, or vice-versa – I set aside 9 of the films from the novel, with no happy endings, I want to say to the happiness of the hollywood blockbuster designed, in which the main characters overcome all the problems and end up together.

To get away from the clichés, the adolescents, such as The Fault of the Stars and (500) Dias Com Ela;; the classic of the romantic comedy, how to One day and The Titanicit ; and the saturated A Star Is Born, I have listed the productions, with stories of love, drama, tense, or just sad ones that were released in the year 2010.

Check out 9 films to the novel, with no happy endings, to remind you of the love that is uncertain:

Lovers for Ever (2010)

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams if you fall in love with madly in his youth, and they decide to get married to build together with a child. Already in old age, the couple is trying to deal with a great deal of individuals in relation to the dreams that have been left behind, only to find that the problem goes far beyond the choices you have made in the past.

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Anna Karenina (2012)

Starring Keira Knightleythe film adaptation of the work of the Liev Tolstoy tells the classic story of the Anna Kareninaa married woman who falls in love with Count Vronsky. The character is read in, and at the same time, with the rejection of her husband for filing for divorce, and jealousy over the lover, the person responsible for the diversion of it, with the by then a partner.

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The Great Gatsby (2013)

Other literary work is adapted into the movie theaters without a happy ending it is The Great Gatsby. Leonardo DiCaprio it gives life to a mysterious millionaire known for receiving many people at the festivals, luxury in the heart of it, and will never be seen by any of the other guests. In the course of the narrative, the viewer will discover the details of a forbidden romance of a Jay Gatsbythat ends up with a tragic ending.

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Ii (2014)

Adored by the users on the internet Herit tells the story of a utopian future in which a man falls in love with an artificial intelligence. The film, produced by Joaquin Phoenix it raises many questions about the concept of relationships and emotional dependence on it through the narrative is sensitive and emotional.

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Love (2015)

On the opposite side of the costume, Love itof Gaspar Noéseeks to portray the complexity of a real relationship, and to show that love can’t be separated from sex. With scenes of explicit and controversial, the film explores the problems of a young married couple, surrounded by desire, jealousy and regrets.

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Carol (2015)

Nominated in the six categories of the academy awards Carol inspired by the book The Price of Saltof Patricia Highsmithand it tells the story of two women who fall in love with. But, the novel takes place in the first decade of the 1950’s, and the characters not dreaming of the possibility of taking the relationship to the face of the company.

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La-La-Land: Singing to the Plants (2016)

Launched by the year 2016, La-La Land you are now on your way to becoming a classic of the novels the lost. The musical, directed by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling it charms the spectator with a narrative of dreaming, only to surprise you with a dramatic and realistic.

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I Call Him By His First Name (To 2017)

In spite of the family’s Elio accept his involvement in the Oliver’s, the researcher is not able to get rid of the charging of the morals of society, and everything that you can do is to enjoy the romance of summer, to the side of the young woman.

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The story of a Marriage (2019)

The film, directed by Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson it shows a couple, to be worn by the living. The two of them decide to get divorced and you realize that you put on the end of a long relationship is not easy, both from the perspective of an emotional and a financial point of view.

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