Leonardo DiCaprio asks for a donation in exchange for a role in the film


You’ve always had the desire to act in a “honeymoon”, and then on top of that, working with none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, you must prepare yourself! Maybe it’s time to make the dream of your life?

The winner of the Oscar for their work on The Return to select people to work on the film, the Killers are one of the Top Two, which will be the eternal Jack of the Titanic, and Robert De Niro in the cast.

The star has published on its social network in the coordinate system. For those that donate the minimum amount of$ 10 for the America’s Food Fund, which is a kind of benefit for those most in need in the United States, which operates in conjunction with an entity or entities independent of the government, by means of a campaign organized by the NGO “All-In” Challenge, you will have the chance to be involved in the film project.

All of you are in the stage of pre-production, and no estimated date for release? But it’s the lady’s man, he said that others along with the values of the larger,$ 50 (US$ 52,41) and$ 100 (US$ 524,10), they will have their chances doubled at the time of selection to be part of the team.

The character of the elect will speak, they will spend the entire day with all the stars and planets, and will be invited to the launch event of the film, before we get to the big screen.

So, what do you think of the idea?

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