Maiara and Lucas announce the release the song “Release It”, with the participation of a Dilsinho!


Maiara e Maraísa release the song “Release It” with a Dilsinho. Photo By: Play On YouTube

Friday is pretty special to Maiara & Lucas, they will be the first live on YouTube, and to make their debut in a big way, in a multi-live, simultaneously broadcast on ten different channels. The sisters still bear a supernovidade, with the launch of the song-new Release of It-and with the participation of a Dilsinho, from the EP “Here At Home”, which is also available on all the platforms. Very simple. WorkShow to Live, day to 17/04-from the 19.

The romance of a Dilsinho, and the voices of power Maiara and Lucas have resulted in a different track on an eclectic EP of the sisters. “Here at Home,” he was all burned in the yard of the house on the double, in Brazil and pagodeiro is the only special contribution to the project was the production of simple, and in a tone of intimacy.

“The anxiety was great, for the launch of this song, as throughout the recording, and the weather has been so nice! All of us really enjoying that moment of relaxation with your family and friends. I’m sure you guys are going to feel that vibe,” he says Maiara.

“The idea is that we want to bring to this EP, it was just that, sharing with the audience, this intimacy from the inside of the house. In the same way that we share our second home – the stage -all of them,” adds Lucas.

They are part of the EP’s six tracks, all previously released, “Caipora”, “I am Wrong”, “Hey go away”, “Part Medley – Dances”, “Four of a Cabaret,” “If I Escape,” and “I Drink”, a great highlight of the EP, which held the first rank among the songs most played on the radios in Brazil for more than 7 weeks in a row, and he has had over 100 million views on YouTube.

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Here’s the lyrics to “Release It” music of Maiara e Lucas e Dilsinho

(At The Int/ Lari Ferreira/ Thales Lessa/ Rafael Torres)

“Hey, brother,
‘Rights’ are going to roll with it until when?
You’re lucky
She did not see it, that is’ loving you
It’s up to you I say, ” there are people in my own
You’d give anything to have that kind of stuff.
Do you have what everybody wants
But you want to all over the world
If you ever have to, and don’t want to spend time with
Release it
‘Tha’ ‘ re-stealing time
‘Tha ‘ is taking up the space of the love of her life
Release it
Okay, delaying the plans
The wedding, the dog, the baby, with a look on her face
Release it
Release it