Michael Cera reveals himself because he wants a follow-up to Scott Pilgrim


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The sun Michael Cera I said that I would love to return for a stream of Scott Pilgrim versus the Worldmovie Edgar Wright that is a full ten years, by the year 2020.

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In an interview with ComicBook, he shared the real reason behind the desire to see a sequel to the movie. And the reason why it is not so complex: it’s Wax you want an excuse to spend more time with those who helped with the first movie.

“For me, it would be around those people again, “said the actor. “It’s a great number pretty cool. Luckily, we were all there, and it was such a great band, or something like that, and we all love each other’s company. Today, we see much less of it, but by the time the movie was released, and even after a few years, I was going out a lot.”

In addition to the Wax, the film has a cast of other superstars and Hollywood stars such as Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Chris Evans, Brie Larson, Brandon Routh and Anna Kendrick.

“Bill Pope, who is the director of photography, had lunch regularly with his wife, Sharon”continued with Michael Cera. “It just seemed like an extended family. Ten years later, it’s obviously a life-changing, and each and every one’s doing their own thing. But I would love to go back, if that’s the way to do this with you all to spend time together, and I love them. I hope that this 10th anniversary year, it gives us an excuse to see you again.”

Scott Pilgrim versus the World it has a real loyal following. The plot is based on the comic book of the Bryan Lee O Malleyse it focuses on a young Scott Pilgrim, who has never had trouble getting girlfriends, but that if he falls madly in love with, for Them, is a girl who has an army of ex-lovers who go to great lengths to eliminate Scott from the list of interested parties.

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