Movies, space, win, streaming through the 50 years of the Apollo 13


The service streaming the Moviesthe Movies Playthey put up a list of movies that take place in outer space. The reason why? The 50-year anniversary of the mission Apollo 13one of the attempts, but that didn’t end in tragedy – the man in the Moon.

One of the long runs that make up for this, compiled from the productions of the genre, it’s classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. The design of the Stanley Kubrick it shows the evolution of the human beings, even to the point of this is to turn against them.

There is also a movie that you don’t put it in the genre of science fiction, but dealing with the space in some way. The two examples come from the Marvel Studioswith Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 2 and The Avengers: Infinite War. The rst one is the sequence of the team is dysfunctional, that is, focus on the family Peter Quill (Chris Prattas for the second, brings together all the heroes of the USING in a battle against the His (Josh Brolin).

The other films on the list, which pays homage to the Apollo 13 they are: Lost On Mars, Independence Day, The First Man-Made, Wall-e, Never before and Oblivion.. Check out the full list on the Movies Play.

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