New to the Series this weekend [19/04/2020]


April arrives in the last week of the month and, as always, the releases of the week in your Series is filled with all sorts of tastes, and filled with series, movies and Original content to Netflix. In the days between the 19th and the 25th of April, the streaming service adds a host of new content and successful, with actors, world-renowned, so be prepared to stay at home in quarantine, and taking advantage of the new features for the next couple of days.

Among the major launches we have in the new film The rescue Chris Hemsworth, an actor who has lived in the Me in the universe of film from the Marvel comics, in movie theaters. In addition to this, the first series in Turkish Love 101 this is highlighted by the breaking down of the boundaries of the productions of the country-of-line operations.

We’ve also got the premiere of the second season of the The After-Lifethe third season of the The House of Flowersthe new series of the documentary Final Pitch it comes just today and tomorrow, and a lot more content over the course of the week. Check out all of the below.

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