Nickelodeon presents the Best Of the Kids Choice Awards


The Singer is going to meet on the same day of the best moments from the Kids Choice Awards! Do you remember the events and the actions of the last few years?

This promises to be one of the most fun in the month of April, and without a doubt, one of the slimásticos” of the Portuguese television! The Singer has prepared an issue of the day: April 25: the Best Of the many editions of the Kids ‘ Choice Awards. For the most neglected, of the Nickelodeon Kids ‘ Choice Awards happen once a year, and at the ceremony, who is to decide the very best entertainment, music, sports and children.

Slime, slime, slime, seems to be the theme of homage and a trip back in time, you will look back at the best moments from the event in recent years – from the memories of the speakers, the times of bathing in slime, and all of the performances to be memorable, which appeared on stage at the award ceremony of the “Paparazzi”.

Open up a little bit with the veil, we asked for… does Anyone remember when Katy Perry took the more space for slimes of all time? And when Heidi Klum and Mel B baloiçaram over a tub of slime? And I will never forget the huge bath of slime on John Cena. We’re going to revisit the performances from Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, DNCE, Camila Cabello and Jojo Siwa.

We guarantee that there will be many, many more times than the ones mentioned above, so don’t miss out on the release of this Best-Of-in your original version. The launch is scheduled for the 25th of April, at 11: 00 and will repeat on April 26 at 15: 00.

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You’ve got a tradition to attend the Nickelodeon Kids ‘ Choice Awards? What is your favorite moment?