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In 2008, the recording industry was making a new and resonant chapter in the insurgency-astronomy of the Lady Gagaalter ego-filled references that the young man Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. With the release of the ‘The Fame’his debut album, which even today bears the title of one of the best débuts the Story of the song, the artist proved to be versatile, to the point that to regain the glory of the beginning of the century to the pop at the same time, it reinventava if the appearance is confirmed by a little more than a decade-long career and five solo CDs, a collaboration alongside the legendary Tony Bennett and the soundtrack, which was later to become the most awarded of all time.

In the course of the dense ‘The Fame Monster’the political ‘Born This Way’the neglected ‘ARTPOP’the intimate ‘Joanne’ and irretocáveis renderings of the ‘A Star Is Born’Second verse begins , Gaga would bring home anything less than that The 11 statues from the Grammy awards – in addition to an academy award, two Golden Globes, a BAFTA and a hundred other awards, that would put him as the second artist to live the most prize-winning (second only to another legend, the music, and our always-impeccable Her). But it’s the astonishing life of performerthat’s each and every year, opens up a whole new chapter, and gives us something unexpected, and it is not just based on the I level of the music and the acting: is she, like so many others that have come before it, has always devoted a large part of your life, and help each other through dozens of activities and philanthropic activities – which were confirmed a second time by 2020, the curator of the One World: Together at Home.

Since the success Gaga has had, with the the story the ‘A Star Is Born’his fans (referred to lovingly in little monsters) were calling for the return of the united states in the world of music, with an emphasis on gender popwhich has been dropping since the year 2014 to explore the other dimensions of the multiple masks, the works. It was not until the beginning of the year “Stupid Love”, a single their next album, it would cause an uproar among listeners, but the joy would last less even with the first sound in the charts (and won the 5th place in the Billboard Hot 100 the Album despite having leaked a month before it’s official release), the singer / songwriter seemed to be not investing a lot of effort into it, the music continues in a number of international and on local radio. And the reason would be explained in just a few weeks after that.

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In the midst of the pandemic, is unprecedented in the brand new coronavirus (COVID-19), Gaga would realize that charitable and sympathetic, I needed to be put into action again, pushing away from the media, she was able to bring together the efforts untold to create a musical event that may have exceeded the expectations of everyone. The One Of The World’as it became known, in the above-mentioned festival, was broadcast last night via a variety of channels americans and the brazilians, starting at 15 p.m. (eastern time) and continues until the 23, carrying a mix is extremely well balanced from new and classic talent in the realm of entertainment, in addition to uniting the world in a fight for your health, that have brought comments from experts in the field of health care, and of the great world leaders.

Take the time to watch it:

In the course of the eight-hournames such as Charlie Puth, Jessie J, Adam Lambert, Ellie Goulding, Jess Glynne and Annie Lennox they accepted an invitation from Her to participate in the pre-show, short films, pre-recorded, which would otherwise be transmitted in the course of the day with the classics in the original, or surrenders a spectacular tribute to the professionals who are on the front lines in order to prevent the virus is on the attack. Jennifer Hudson it would make for a memorable (no pun intentional) presentation of the The “Memory”giving you a break before you come back with “Hallelujah”; Andra Day I would open the show with a range of exciting and impeccable “Rise Up” (an anthem is needed for those days that we all face).

Most of the night, and the show would be: the curator and the organizer of the event, in the warrior-maiden in with her voice and with the reading of the “The Smile”of Nat King Cole. The The Rolling Stones if you meet each of them in your home for a presentation is so lush, and his live shows; Was Eilish and Finneas go out for a resounding victory in the The Grammy Awards the acoustic version of the “Sunny”; Taylor Swift would sing one of her s “Soon You’ll Get Betterand to close with a flourish, Her if it would be in the future in collaboration with the Celine Dion, John Legend, Andrea Bocelli and Lang Lang in “The Prayer”music , which is already being promoted as one of the best in the last few years, from 2019 at the latest.

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In the meantime, if the names mentioned above have already taken your breath away, there’s nothing that could prepare us for the solilóquios of hope and activism are brought into a reflective, rhetorical, for the guests are essential: Matthew McConaughey, Danai Gurira, Don Cheadle, Floor-To-B, Samuel L. Jackson, And Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates And The Gates Foundation and the collaboration is unexpected and shocking First Lady Michelle Obama and Shetwo former first ladies of the United States which would follow the comments of other influential names in politics, health, economy, and society. All of this is done with the support of the WHOthe The Global Citizenand attended to by Lady Gaga.

And what, exactly, are we speaking about this?

Since his rise to fame, the performer it has never ceased to assist minorities in social, devoting a large part of their income, and their music to the community for the LGBTQ+. In 2011, he co-founded the The Born This Way Foundation on the side of the mother, Cynthia Germanotta. Established at Harvard University, and named after their album was released in the same year, this non-profit organization aimed at inspiring more young people to the construction of a better world, especially for those who have been expelled or have run away from home to take. Based on the principles of courage, kindness, and support their campaigns to have an effect even today, and contribute to the prospects of more solid all over the world. About a year ago, Her music would not be allowed to participate in the re-writing of the “We Are the World”, a single the charity, in aid of the earthquake that devastated Haiti and left thousands dead, a little later, destinaria of the profits from her show in New York city to help re-ignite the flame of hope to the poor and needy.

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By 2019, it would give a historic speech delivered at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, and to thank the older ones for the ambitious in search of a better future. Nine years earlier, it would make controversial statements, condemning the policy of the The ” don’t Ask, Don’t Tellexposing all the frauds in the sphere of the us military and condemning homophobia, which was hiding in the barracks. This year, just prior to announcing the outstanding live they had no idea in the world, one more time, Gaga held a series of meetings for virtual companies, multi-bilionárias in order to raise The US$35 million to assist you in fighting the coronavirus.

And if you think that the efforts that had already been finished and the concerts, organized neatly to keep us entertained and thank you to the soldiers on the front line of scientific research, and of those who are struggling to save hundreds of lives per day, resulted in a revenue of nearly THE$128-million to help the workers.

In the middle of the solilóquios, and the actions are empty, and Lady Gaga has proved once again that his legacy, and his influence is bigger than many give it credit for, and, without a shadow of a doubt, proves to be the most powerful person in the world for a number of reasons, which are explained in the paragraphs above. However, this is not the main thing: the main thing is that this power is immeasurable and it is always meant for good, and, as always, he said, to the tracking of a more colourful, sympathetic, and sunny.

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