RATING: Lucas, Hen he accused the Globe in handling, to Manu Gavassi win


The ex-participant of the “BBB ” rating of 20 John Gallina have used Twitter to show their outrage with the release of the program from which it was removed. According to him, the production has also added to the Manu Gavassi-to the detriment of the other participants.

Hen he wrote: “the following boycott of the complete edition, with Gunnar. You understand, a friend. He did not show in the chat with the Babu, saying that it is through him, making him cry. Not talking about racism, and if you hit it with Thelma, or tears to sob to myself. Give a prize to the Maintenance soon, and to save Flay’s manipulation!”.

The fisiterapeuta, which to this day is not swallowed up in the victory of Manu over Felipe and the Priest on the wall, use an art with the phrase “the tooth fairy doesn’t exist” on his page on Twitter. The Manu is invoked by the supporters of the fairy well.

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