Rina Sawayama’s going from the metal to J-pop’s best debut album of the year, the amazing “SAWAYAMA”


We love to see new artists making their mark early on in his career. And to this day, the 17th of April, we can say that the new Rina Sawayama you did your part, showing that it came from and is proving to be a name to keep an eye on your debut album, the amazing “SAWAYAMA”.

The singer, who was born in Japan, was created in the United Kingdom, which was contracted by a Dirty Bit), music, The 1975, bring on the baggage, many of the musical influences that represent his background and his life story. What you see on the band’s debut album is a mix of all of these references in an innovative and fresh.

In “Dynasty”, “STFU!” and “Who’s Gonna Save U Now?”three of our favorite songs from the “SAWAYAMA”, Rina affixed to a sound facing the rock and the metal!), pulling on it a little bit of Korn, and Evanescence. In the last one you get until you are at the stadium, watching the show from the artist, and singing with the entire audience, even when you are at home, in the middle of a quarantine.

From one end to the other, Request a bet on a pop retro look with a smiley face to the end of the 90’s and early 2000’s. It feels a bit Britney Spears in the “The x’s” and to the FTA on delicious “Love Me 4 Me. And also, of course, is the disco-pop of the “Comme Des Garçons”, who recently won a remix of the Pabllo Vittar. The versatility is all about.

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This being the Request of a japanese woman, and the influence of J-pop, it’s very noticeable in the “SAWAYAMA”. “Paradisin'” it makes us feel like a little dance that we find in amusement parks and in the homes of the party for the children, such as Dance Dance Arcade game, while “Tokio Love Hotel takes a little bit of that style in a more nostalgic and sensitive.

The album ends with one of our personal favorites, “Snakeskin”the track , which creates an atmosphere of apoteótica, and it causes the disc to close in a way that’s going to make us run back to the start.

The more we listen to the “SAWAYAMA”, most of the people love all the musical references, the barriers of the genre, from being broken in order to create a sound so individual and points to the future, and that of the letters which on the surface seem to be simple, just a sticky, but it is complex and full of emotion. A disc, pop, complex, fun, and, of those, which we are still going to remember for a long, long time ago.