Roger Abdelmassih will go to prison house due to the risk of the coronavirus


The ex-doctor, Roger Abdelmassih, sentenced to 173 years in prison for the sexual abuse of patients, and has been authorized by the Justice, to enforce the penalty on your home. Judge Sueli Zeraik the Stick of Penal execution in Junction, granted the request of the defence for the convicted person, who has 76-year-old, and a picture of a chronic disease, it is taken to the detention home to be in a group at high risk of coronavirus. The decision was published on Tuesday (may 14). It is expected that the inmate leave the prison of Tremembé, where it is in a gated, up to the end of the day. The order of the house arrest that was made at the end of march, after the Justice has authorized the departure of some of the prisoners from the semi-open prison, The Public Prosecutor must appeal for the decision to be reviewed.

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