Rolling Stone · the Marvel reveals an easter egg-almost imperceptible in Iron Man in Avengers: Ultimatum


The studio has confirmed a reference back to the first one of the objects of the scene in the movie

The Marvel comics it confirmed the existence of an easter egg The man in the Iron in Upcoming Deadline. The studio has posted on the social network, a referral is made to a character that is almost imperceptible to the spectators.

In the movie, the “heroes” who have not been blown away with the snap of a His they met to try to travel back in time and collect the gems on the infinity prior to the series. To this end, they have developed a platform and time to get back to us in the past.

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According to the Yahoo For Lifefans of the franchise have found many easter eggs, but you don’t even notice the similarity with the platform that was used by the heroes of the reactor, the arc, a device implanted in the chest of the Tony Stark able to to protect the the heart of the character and connect it with the armor of the iron.

And Marvel Studios has confirmed the suspicions of the fans in a post on social media. In response to the publication of the official account of the Walt Disney Studios, about the easter eggs in the production company, the studio has shared a montage of the two images confirmed that the source of inspiration for the construction of the platform.

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