Rolling Stone magazine · a total of 7 shots that may have cost you a fortune, and has been deleted from the movie [LISTA]


There are several possible reasons for the scene to be deleted from the film. The lack of chemistry between the actors, to escape from the narrative of the rejection, in the test of hearing, among others. There is, however, another reason for the editing team to cut out a picture of the budget.

The need for a lot of special effects, due to the need to refilmagens (even more expensive), or by the intervention of real life, many of the cuts have to be made before long, you arrive at the theatre.

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To remind you of those times, a canal from the WhatCulture he separated out some of the scenes that may have cost you a fortune, and have been excluded from the film. Check out the list selected from:

Ghostbusters (2016) – Value: US$ 1-2 million

With the scene deleted was one in which Chris Hemsworth dancing in Times Square. The complex choreography and the need for many of the participants, it has been cut off.

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The hunt for the Gangsters (2013) On the Value of play: a million dollars

The film will show the characters shooting themselves in the audience of a movie theater. However, at the time of the movie, there was a shooting at a movie, in the state of Colorado with 12 kills. Because of this tragedy, the production of decicidiu withdraw from the scene.

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X-Men: Days of Future Forgotten (2014) – Worth:$ 5 million

The scenes of the Many they were cut off, because the narrative of it in the movie, it would be very complex, and it is independent. In the final cut, the character appears for a few seconds.

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The Little Shop of Horrors (1986) – Value: US$ 5 million

The bounce in the tests, the audience, have made the team of the film cut to a scene of almost 23 minutes, in which the plant-eating giant-killing His and The and then they start to take over the world.

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Superman – returns (2006) – Value: US$ 10 million.

With a lot of special effects, the original version of the film, signed by the Superman while exploring the planet Clark. However, the scene was cut because it is not considered to be very good for the release of the reboot.

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All the Money in the World ” (2017) – Value: US$ 10 million.

After the allegations of sexual harassment against Kevin Spaceythe film crew has replaced all of the scenes that were filmed with the actors.

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World war Z (2013) – Worth:$ 25 million

Prior to the release of the final movie arrives in theaters, the team of the feature was ready for a third act that is completely different than what the public saw. The production is cut down to 40 minutes away from the scene, and then appeared to all of them.

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