Rolling Stone magazine · The 10 best films in history, based on Comic, second to the public [LISTA]


The major studios in the film wore on in the world of comics to find the characters and writing scripts for the big screen

The film is based on the Comics, had a boom over the past two decades. The major studios in the film wore on in the world of comics to find the characters and writing scripts for the big screen.

In spite of the stories of the comics ‘undergrounds’ to make a success, such as The men in Black and The Wearerthe more ‘mainstream’ they are still the ones that draw the attention of the general public. A lot of it was influenced by pop-culture love stories of heroes and villains with special powers and skills are unreal.

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By means of the web site Top rankerthe public has selected the top 10 best movies of the history-based Comics. Check out this list:

10) and Boston (2017)

The film marked the last night of the Hugh Jackman the role of the hero of the sharp claws. The film had become more like an adult, and especially a dark side of her character. The story follows The Wolverine in a quest to protect a young mutant Laura Kinneyalso known as X-23.

The film was based on a COMIC Old Man Loganoriginally released in 2008.

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9) Batman: The Dark Knight, will come back to life (2012)

The following presents, on the controversial landing of the Batmanwho was to blame for the death of the Harvey Dent and it happens to be seen as the bad guy. In exile, the Man-Bat must come back to protect you The police the new bad guys. The film is based on the comic book Batman: Knightfall1993.

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8) Iron Man (2008)

The first film in the USING features of the face Tony Stark at the beginning of the construction of the famous armor, and in the face of the terrorist which kidnapped you. The film, of course, was based on the early stories of the hero of the Marvel comics.

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7) Captain America: Civil War (2016)

The show Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evansleading a group of The avengers they were not satisfied with the new government regulations being imposed on the heroes, and defended by Tony Stark/The man in the Iron (Robert Downey Jr.). The conflict between the heroes themselves come in a straight fight.

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6) Avengers: Infinite War (2018)

The film shows the villain on His (Josh Brolinin an attempt to bring together the Gems from the Infinity to be able to destroy the universe. In the meantime, the The avengers and the allies are coming together to try and defeat the opponent in an epic struggle for survival. A Sort of awe-inspiring he was Infinite Challenge1991.

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(5) The Avengers (2012)

This is the first time that we see one of the first The avengers the USING the meeting. In the movie, the heroes must come together and try to stop the threat While. The film was inspired by the Photo of the Marvel comics produced from the early 1960’s.

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4) Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

In the movie, it is one of the most beloved by the general public. In the story, a group of cyber criminals together to save the galaxy from a threat to the powerful. The film was primarily based on the comic book of the year in 2000, but as early as the beginning of the 1960s, the adventures of the heroes have been told (with a background that is different from that of the USING).

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3) Captain America 2: The Soldier Invernal (2014)

After the events of the Captain America: The First Avengerwhen a soldier is turned into a hero, and he goes through a period of hibernation, and when you wake up in the today’s world is technological devices and the new threat to the world. One of the main inspirations for the film were of the Sort produced by the Ed Brubaker.

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2) Deadpool (2016)

It Ryan Reynolds how to Deadpoolthe mutant chatters. After escaping from the lab, the Weapon X skin, disfigured, and mutated genes turned on Wade Wilson and Dodge if you are going to discuss the options and decide that the character must use the skill in order to become a super-hero. The film was inspired by the comic books that were released in the 1990s.

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1) Batman: The Dark Knight (2008)

The film shows you how to Batman and the allies need to deal with a new threat: the The clown of Crime. The production welcomes the legendary performance of the Heath Ledger how to The joker. The main inspiration came from the COMIC The Long Halloweenfrom Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale.

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