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Lover She Was, John’s Success has deplored the longing of the fashion-forward in a new post on Instagram.

On the evening of Thursday the 16th), the album is the gospel shared in one click on black-and-white, the winning of a kiss and a cuddle as a student of fashion, and vented: “I miss you”.

Her repostou the image on your account, and you have also stated. “I love you,” he said. She and John have taken the relationship public in early April, and have approved, for She Was.

John’s is criticized for dancing

During the quarantine, the dancing became a form of entertainment favorite famous couples. John’s Success has been more of an artist and if you give in to Tik Tok and down to show off skill, and while it was playing with a few of steps, to the song “Intentions” from Justin Bieber. Criticized by some internet users, the singer brushed off the negative comments. “It’s not because I’m a singer that you can’t have a good time dancing to the music. With respect to my own story of a time when I was nine years old, and it was hip-hop,” he said.

The singer bounces around the critical

João Figueiredo has used your account to boost for critics, who will remain on the dance floor. “The thing is, is the following: I recorded the video, the dancing, and a whole bunch of other people came in saying ‘hey, but you didn’t sing? Why are you dancing? or, ‘you are as a dancer and a great singer’. I like to sing, to dance and to have a good time, for me to de-stress. So, do you sing badly and still singing so let’s dance to evil, and to keep dancing to the music. I respect”, it has taken off. In the video of the old John, and She appears dancing with each other during the journey of the couple, with a group of friends to south Africa.

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