SuperM represent K-pop at ‘Together at home’, hosted by Lady Gaga, and video


The group’s SuperM, which came to be known as the “Stars of K-pop is the pop music of south korea and to live a “One World: Together, at home in A world: working together in the home,” in Portuguese), hosted by Lady Gaga, and the institution as a Global Citizen, in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO).

The collection is comprised of idols are already famous, who are members of other groups from the same agency, SM Entertainment, one of the biggest companies in the music industry in South Korea: a New of the boy group SHINee, Baekhyun and Kai from EXO, Taeyong, Mark, of the NCT, and the members of the sub-WayV of SEALERS, based in China, and Ten, and Cf. On Twitter, fans are celebrating the live of the artist with the hashtag #SuperMTogetherAtHome. They appeared in their respective homes, with each one doing a common activity, as they were singing “With You”.

The performance of the SuperM was in the air just after the 20 hours (in eastern time) on the channel “Music’s best-selling musical on YouTube.

Other presentations are being made from the 15 on Saturday. From the 21, the festival’s online is going to be transmitted also on tv in the TV World. Artists from various countries have been confirmed on the lineup for the event. Representing Brazil, is a singer, Anitta. The goal is to raise the awareness of the people to comply with the recommendations of the social as a way to put a stop to the spread of the new coronavirus, which has claimed more than 2 million infections, and 158 in thousands of deaths.

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They debutaram in October 2019, with the MV for the song “Jopping” and a new mini-album with seven songs, they debuted at first place in the parade of musical americana Billboard 200 chart. The M-SuperM means a Matrix and a Master’s degree, and according to the label, the name refers to the synergy of the artists “of exceptional ability”.

“We are keeping the groups in their solo careers, and in addition to that, we have the group of ‘Like’ button to join them. There already is an Iron Man, a Thor, etc. as well as the Avengers and their movies are successful, there is a different kind of energy when they are close together like the Avengers. Right now, we’re building this as a business. We would like to create a synergy among groups, as it acts in the soil, and the group’s SuperM, to create a big wave in the industry of K-pop,” said Chris Lee, an executive at a division of Artists and Repertoire at SM-he was a member of the board of directors of the writer, and the CEO of the Culture Group Technology, Asia, Europe, and in an interview to the magazine “Forbes” in August of 2019.