The actress of the Upcoming Deadline to put the picture of sensual, and the fans don’t react to it as well


Karen Gillan, glenn hughes, the case of the Upcoming Deadline, it’s become one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood currently, especially following his work on Marvel comics (like the Nebula), and Jumanji (such as the Ruby, the Roundhouse).

However, it is to be loved by the public, it does not prevent anyone else from turning the reason of a running joke on social media.

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The actress of the Upcoming Deadline he has published in his Instagram a photo of you to a test, as you can see from the below, in which there is a swimming pool in a yellow dress.

Even though it’s a nice picture, with a yellow spot in the pool has become a reason for teasing us in the comments of this post.

“I don’t think they let it fall off your pasta with the cheddar in there,” said a fellow.

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“Watch out for the henna tattoo, the girl, she will break even,” said another fan.

Here’s a photo of the disagreement

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