The feast of the Divine Mercy, and the remedy for the soul of the world


This Sunday at 11 am ( time of Rome) in the Church of S. Spirit in Sassia, the center of the Italian devotion to Jesus ‘ mercy, Pope Francis celebrated the Mass for the feast of the Divine Mercy, which was set up 20 years ago by St. John Paul II. THE rector, father Bart: “Every day, the Pope reminds us that in God’s mercy”.

Alessandro Di Bussolo, Silvonei Joseph, Vatican City state

A party is requested by Jesus to the little nun in the Polish between the first and the second World War, and that “it will be a shelter and a refuge for all of them. Mankind, he said Crsito appeared to sister Faustina Kowalska, “you won’t find peace even when you don’t you will go to the fountain of my mercy.” Pope Francis recalled that on Wednesday, at the end of the conference, in his message of greeting to the faithful people of poland, reminding you of the meeting this past Sunday, the second after Easter, called “in albis,” and since the year 2000, the Feast of the Divine Mercy.

The Pope then returns to the sanctuary, the Italian of the Divine Mercy

On Thursday, the vatican Press Room also reported that in this year the Pope celebrates the Mass, not in St. Peter’s Square, as in the past, and in 2014, it was a very special occasion, the canonization of pope John Paul II and pope John XXIII, and even in the Basilica, in the Vatican, such as the paschal triduum, which has just been completed, but the Church of the Holy Spirit in Sassia, just a few metres from the large square with the Bernini’s. From the 1st of January, 1994, this church was rebuilt in the mid-1500’s by pope Paul III at the request of the Pope Wojtyla, is the center of the spirituality of the Divine Mercy.

The visit of pope John Paul II, on the Sunday “in albis

The vice-chancellor of the church, had held the position a few months ago, and is, father Jozef Bart, a young Polish priest in Madrid, a graduate of the University of Jagellonika of the square and, with successive studies at the Pontifical Gregorian University, ordained seven years ago by pope John Paul II. On the second Sunday of Easter of 1995, the Polish Pope, whom he met when she was a young girl in the cult was promoted by sister Faustina, celebrated the holy Mass at the Church of the Holy Spirit, and the blessed image of Jesus the merciful a copy of the image is dictated to by the religious, after a vision of the order of Christ himself, and preserved in the sanctuary in Lagiewniki, a suburb of Krakow, where the rests of the apostle of the Divine Mercy.

Monsignor Josef Bart on with the relic of St. Faustina, donated by pope John Paul II in the Sanctuary

Monsignor Josef Bart on with the relic of St. Faustina, donated by pope John Paul II in the Sanctuary

Father Bart: the lower-Third assigned the task of “misericordina”

Twenty-five years later, is still a father Jozef Bart, a warm welcome to the Successor of Peter in the Church of Santo Spirit in Sassia, and in the concelebrar of the Mass on the second Sunday of Easter, and in a private way, at this time, the live tv and live streaming by the holy see (Vatican city) News. For the first time, too, the Pope will recite the Regina Coeli church is a part of the hospital complex of the same name. The vice-chancellor, and to our speakers, he said that he was convinced that in san Francisco it will release “section of the Italian centre of the spirituality of the Divine Mercy, a message of mercy to the whole world, “especially, as was said of the faithful people of poland on Wednesday for those of you who are suffering in these difficult times”.

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A. The Pope who distributed the prequeno-Third of the of Mercy, which he labeled “misericordina”, the later of the two times, brought about, precisely, a the transmission of a virus, a spiritual, positive, for the whole of humanity. I was always waiting for and looking forward to it, since the church is located just a few steps from St. Peter’s, a visit. At this time, when the world is in trouble and sickness, and I told him that the “misericordina” we may actually find a remedy, for those of you who believe and put their trust in Jesus, the news of his visit is to confirm the programme for the mercy of Pope Francis. He felt the vibration of your mercy, for this church, which is near to him, and, as always, to the Pope, he knew how to go to the very heart of mercy.

The church is closely united to the Hospital of the Holy Spirit. What do you think of this Sunday, the Pope will launch a message related to a pandemic?

A. The hospital is attacked at the church of the Holy Spirit in Sassia. Now we have to really take in all of the our assets, and that the Church is the pope in Italian, both in the parish such as the church, precisely in order to help you out. Here’s your mercy, and your brothers and sisters in need, their families, and to all the people who have nothing to do with. We are to comfort you and help you immediately, and we, the priests, and that we have the freedom to move as he asked the Pope, we shall not save us, but to go among the people, to take care of them, help them, comfort them, and lead them to communion. Also, at this time, the Pope moves on to the post from the Italian centre of the spirituality of the Divine Mercy the message of mercy to the world as a whole. If not, detemo in the numbers and the calculations are expensive.

The statue of saint Faustina Kowalska, in the S. Spirito in Sassia

The statue of saint Faustina Kowalska, in the S. Spirito in Sassia

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For the past twenty years, saint John Paul II instituted the feast of Divine Mercy, and proclaimed that the holy sister Faustina Kowalska. In those twenty years old and grew up in the worship of the Divine Mercy in the Church and in the celebration of this feast?

A. The Pope John Paul II has given me the task of taking on this Church of the Holy Spirit in Sassia, the cult of the Divine Mercy, and the cult has progressed rapidly, with the Year of the Saint of Mercy, proclaimed by Pope Francis, and I saw immediately sprout, and the fruit of this Mercy. I am thinking of the priests who came to fetch the images, also the great, Jesus ‘ mercy to put them in their parishes. I see it day in and day out how much of this mercy comes on the families, the people, even the people away from the Church. Those who believe that the confession of this church, was the first witness to all these people, they will change completely their lives. For this reason, the mercy to advance more than one virus. This year, we have to remind ourselves precisely on the 20th anniversary of the canonization of St. Faustina, the 15th anniversary of the death of the holy, and the one hundred anniversary of the birth, on the 18th of may, the saint John Paul II.