The Live shows that Lady Gaga has a lot to learn from the region’s inhabitants according to 18/04/2020


The ‘live the lives’ which brought together artists from the upper echelons of the music industry in the world, with a curated coming from Lady Gaga it is the most expensive. We graúda excited about the possibility of getting food to those most in need during a crisis created by a pandemic.

Of course, the action is great and the entertainment… Not so much. Too bad, the festival has shown in Brazil, for hours at a time thanks to the post-mortem takes place, we, Globoplay, and other platforms as well.

In between one song and another, several of the intrusions of the presenters of the talk show, the american laundry list of celebrities in all kinds of different shades, to fame, and this is just some of the inspiring stories about the first time that we’ve been through.

It’s hard to keep your attention or to engage genuinely with something like this. If we’ve learned anything from Gusttavo Lima, Bruno e Marrone, or Alexandre Pires, it is that the narrative is much stronger when there is emotional involvement.

The format of the video clip that hinders more than it helps. Very cool to see Elton John, Paul McCartney, and Gilmar the Candongas concerned with the difficulties on the planet Earth. Of course, it is exciting to see the Rolling Stones playing via satellite tv in your home, even if only for a song).

Any strengthening of awareness-raising is crucial for all to remain in a state of alert all the time. But, to mix entertainment with information that is relevant all the time, just by turning the experience into something very, very similar to the home office, we never know when we need to be concerned about, and when you can relax and unwind.

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