The Lives of the the end of the week, check out what are the shows broadcast on the internet


In São Paulo, With the pandemic of the coronavirus, and the need for social isolation, in almost every part of the world, the so-called lives. if you look, and many of the musicians and bands that are doing the presentations for broadcast over the internet.

At the end of the week, there are festivals such as the One World: Together At Home, implementation of the World Health Organization (WHO), as a tribute to the health workers who are at the front of the battle against the pandemic. The event will have the participation of Paul McCartney, Andrea Bocelli, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Chris Martin, the Rolling Stones, Camila Cabello, Eddie Vedder, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, and Stevie Wonder. The event will begin at 15 am this Saturday (the 18th), and may be accompanied by an Instagram for the world health organization (@who). The main shows will be held on 21.

Today from of 16, you have the The Festival Set.with by Clarice Falcão, Tássia Reis, Kick the Beat, and Silva, and has broadcast it on YouTube. On Saturday, the festival continues with a Luedji Luna in Heaven, Mayer Hawthorne, and George, at the same time.

For 19 hours this Saturday, it’s the time of the The Festival, Mucho!with performances by Paulinho Moska & Kevin Johansen. On Sunday, the 19th, from 17 o’clock, and the concert is from Keila, and La Dame Blanche, with its transmission through Instagram (@festivalmucho).

Also on Saturday, from 19h, the The Festival Ziriguidumsongs by Nelson Faria (@nelsonfariaoficial), and as a result, at 19: 30, Jane Duboc (@dubocjane), but on Sunday (the 19th), and 20 hours, and Claudio Lins (@linsclaudio), and George Israel, and the 21 hour (@georgeisraeloficial).

On Sunday, he has the #LollaBRemCasawith transmissions, it will be an honour to the stage and Perry, bringing together artists from the electronic dance music. The performances take place in the channel of the Lollapalooza in Brazil on YouTube, to the 16.

Even now, at 19, there’s a show David Guetta passed through a variety of platforms, and can be seen at Instagram (@davidguetta).

With the information from the Journal of the university of são paulo.

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