The Net 2.0 – The Critical


When we look diacronicamente, The Net it can also be seen as the film’s premonitory, predictor of that would be way in the negative, in the face of so many possibilities is also a positive to be in contact with it. Scams, identity theft, cloning of cards etc. At the time, the film was considered to be erratic and extreme, with relative success, thanks to the will of the people at the check out Sandra Bullock in the early years of his career, an actress is still in its infancy, with regard to the performance of even the famous, after the success of consecutive The Maximum Speed and While You Are Sleepingaction and comedy, two genres where the artist ran for many years, and to be able to settle down, more mature and more consistent.

Without the leadership of Sandra Bullock The Net sure, it would be just another movie in the style of Supercine. This is why we don’t fully understand why, after a decade of its release, the son of the director of the production, in 1995 he decided to take over the direction of the The Net 2.0a supposed sequel to only in the title, and aggravated identity theft. Without any connection, or even a list of events, the reason for a film landmark, and the telefilme directed by Charles Winkler directed by the screenplay, Rob Cowan follows a path insipida Hope Cassidy, Nick Deloach, a system analyst, who receives a proposal for the work, the amazing development in Istanbul, and is discovered to be a part of a scam of gargantuan frauds who have put their professional reputation at risk.

The deaths come in the wake of the aftermath. In Turkey, the character goes up into the standing corn of the trouble on the first day. James Haven (Neil Hopkins), her boyfriend, did not want to follow it. All alone in a place where you don’t know anyone in the city, Cassidy, is the feeling of isolation, but also with a desire to work and grow professionally. The bus falastrão of the registration and hotel check-in, and the girl knows Z Z’s (Keegan Connor Tracy), a woman who was apparently divided on the same issues, that is to say, the diving in the exotic place to which you are accustomed to the cosmopolitan life in us.

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There are also the embassies and consulates that will tell you the data on the passport, which needs to be reformed, as the tourist visa doesn’t apply to what it really will there. As would be expected, the personal data will be exchanged, and the name is misspelled in the document is the first step on the journey to hell of the character, in a territory that reveals itself to be hostile, and the scene of intrigue, terrifying. On our return to the hotel, and Cassidy have to leave soon, as it is an early warning of a fire, which turns out to be a cheating, for a theft to your personal belongings. Thus, all the documents have been stolen, the account is zeroed out and any other details that will turn it into “a woman in the wrong”, as well as the character of Sandra Bullock in the movie before, Cassidy realizes that his trip to Istanbul and plans that have not been scheduled on their own.

There is a huge network that is destructive in and around the gift, and the revelation, when it comes to the work place to ask for help, and finds out that Z-Z is now using his identity and pretends to not even know about it. This is the next step in the journey of bizarre that it involves a murder she didn’t commit, and persecution in general among the young, an analyst with the police characters in film represent a lack of preparation total number of institutions in the maintenance of good order. Booty, Cassidy recounts the facts of the Dra. Kakav (Demet Akbog), a professional who does not believe in the word of the american arrested for the murder, and cyber crimes.

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By the middle of the seasonthe first game that explains the events. The issue goes to the hearing, in a strategy apparently anxious to give it a different rhythm to that in the conventional linear format. Contractor to ensure that the world wide web, a Russian company, the main protagonist became the target of a conspiracy that involves the theft of a$14 million to the protection of the guns Ivanakov (Malit Frgenç). With the help of this process is the strap, that is provided by the flight attendant Roxelena (Sebrem Donmez), the character that reveals itself to be more than just a car, part of a series with potential, but that’s because of the amount of times we’ve been told, along with the direction and the screenplay for the average, turns out to be more of the same, for all that, the film hollywood ever made (and much more).

In the cyberculture, this time, gets a short history. There is access to the character for a few issues of short, but The Net 2.0 if you reveal an action movie with a thriller mixed up with a stolen identity. In some of the passages from the opening credits to mimic the language of computers is a metalinguístico interesting part of the team for the visual effects, which is managed by Tim Sasson, but it’s nothing memorable, or that it hasn’t been done better in many other films. The driving score by Stephen Endelman as the director of photography, Steven Douglas Smith, and in the design, production, Mete Yilmaz, in breach of their duties in the usual way, without the use of the big moments in the aesthetic of the film.

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Importantly, the lack of skill of the production, despite its limited budget, to become the visual aspects of the most thought-provoking and compelling, as in the scenes of the Turkey, and the director of photography was in the hands of many of the aspects of a spectacular catch. But the aesthetics don’t seem to be a concern The Net 2.0movie , which also does not comply with the paper requirements and the dramatic, something that makes it just a paperwork that needs to be completed to take account of new developments in the home video or be a part of the television programming to a channel that you need to entertain your viewers. Also, anything reflective, or rousing, as the narrative is dragged down, feel lazy. There is no pardon for the pun, a connection. And then, when no connection is not established, in contact with nothing to give, for this suspense was below average.

The Net 2.0 (The Net 2.0), USA, 2006
Charles Winkler
Written by: Irwin Winkler, Michael Ferris, Rob Cowan
The cast: Nikki Deloach, Demet Akbag, Sebnem Dönmez, Neil Hopkins Güven Kiraç, Keegan Connor Tracy, Halit Ergenç, Emir Tekeli
Length: 95 min.