The photo shows the stock markets of the highest standards that Drake was left for a future wife


The dragon is one of the single, which will charm all the admirers of the pop world. Even getting involved in the controversies with the mother of his child and had received, the artist, has caught the eye of many a fashion-conscious shoppers with the unveiling, by the year 2017, which collect the bags of luxury for a bride. Most recently, the Architectural Digest (A-d) has a the tour the manor house of the dragon, and, finally, the fans were able to view part of its collection of purses Birkin, is one of the most famous models in the industry fashion.

Come with me!”


The revelation of the grants made in the year 2017 during an interview at the The Hollywood Reporter. During the conversation, the canadian has also commented on the career and music, but the details of the relationship of the artist to steal the spotlight.

The rapper and singer stated that it brings together, for many years, the iconic bags of Hermès to give as a gift to the bride. However, the site did not reveal more details about the collection, the romantic of the dragon.

In a recent interview, Drake opened the door to their new mansion

The luxury property has been built in his home town in Canada

The canadian revealed that he bought a collection of bags Birkins for your future wife

The treats can be stored in the new house

In the tour photo fans have given the details in the mansion

With the right kind of deprivation of a basketball

For many years, and the famous, did not reveal any special feature about the collection. How many are there? The sizes are? The colors and materials? These were the questions that were left up in the air.

The it’s a bag they represent the hopeful “happily ever after” that Drake is preparing to take on the future of the marriage. Finally, fans were able to see a part of the collection of luxury thanks to the tour performed by the Architectural Digest.

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At the age of 33, he has built a new house in his hometown of Toronto. Dubbed as the Embassy (the embassy, in a free translation), the mansion was designed by the architect, and the designer the interior of canadian Art Rafauli.

“As I was building it in the town where I live, and I wanted the structure to remain with the firm for over 100 years. I wish I had a scale, and a sense of the monumental,” he said to Drake for a magazine AD. “It will be one of the first things that I’ll leave for a legacy. It had to be timeless, and strong,” he said.

The the song it has a the walk-in closet the two floors of the new mansion

The walk-in Closet Drake draws the attention on the bottom left hand corner, there is a collection of Birkins

The handbag collection is stored in a the walk-in closet arranged over two floors, the second of the AD. In the vacation, it’s adorned with crystals in it, but the one that caught the attention of the readers, there were three models of the Birkins found on the top-right corner of the couch. The pieces come in three sizes, one made of crocodile leather.

One of these is the very rare Himalayan Birkin. The creation, in 2008, it’s covered in white gold and diamonds. The model has been considered to be the most expensive in the world after it was auctioned off for US$ 380 million.

Attentive fans were able to see in detail, by means of a mirror on the the walk-in closet. The other bag they were observed on a shelf in the corner of the room, but it is not possible to identify how many.

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The singer is not the first public figure to acknowledge your appreciation for the creations of the highest standards. The ex-singer of Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham has more than 100 models of bag the label of the French language. The clan of Kardashian-Kenner, is also a fan of the label.

Walk-In Closet-Kris Jenner
The matriarch, Kris Jenner, reserve a special place in your home to display a collection of Birkins

Walk-In-Closet: Kylie Jenner
The space in the wardrobe for Kylie Jenner scholarship

Walk-In-Closet: Kylie Jenner
In the tourthe celebrity shows off your model is darling-of-the Birkin

Walk-In-Closet-Kim Kardashian West
The the walk-in closet Kim Kardashian appears in selfies

Kris Jenner set up a the walk-in closet just to the store, in the collection of handbags Hermes. For the love of the models is beyond the matriarch of the family, and it extends to the children. In addition to being seen carrying the accessories from the brand often, and Kylie Jenner, have a collection of Unconscious, and he has promised that the first stock of their daughter, Stormi, will be a model made-to-measure for her.

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