The Rock is on the OUTSIDE of the new Fast and Furious; here’s why


Dwayne Johnson returns as Luke Hobbs in the Fast and the Furious 9, and it all comes down to two main reasons.

The actor, who found fame as the professional wrestler known as “The Rock,” appears in the franchise, Fast and the Furious since early 2011. He and co-star Jason Statham has recently led to its own derivative, Hobbs, & Shaw). It is expected that the production will be released after the Fast and the Furious 9, prior to the film’s main franchise is finished.

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When Luke Hobbs was introduced in the Fast and the Furious 5, and he was an agent of the Diplomatic Security Service of the United States, and is a bounty hunter hired to take down Dom Torreto and his crew. Once you find out the truth about the DEA agents killed, and Hobbs, has joined forces with the Sun. He has continued to be an ally, sometimes reluctantly, along the Fast and the Furious 6, and 7, and when it came to the face of the family of Shaw, which is dominated by the crime. When the Sun was in a ciberterrorista in the Fast and the Furious 8, Will Hobbs, has come out of retirement to help his old friends.

As Dwayne Johnson, is now a staple item in the franchise, Fast & the Furious his character has been chosen to be the subject of a by-product, along with the Deckard Shaw Statham. Hobbs & Shaw, followed the pair after they were hired by the CIA to help capture an agent of the MI6, rogue you have stolen a lethal virus is genetically modified.

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The film has been praised by fans and earned a place as one of the ten best performances at the box office in 2019. Despite his success, Johnson will be reprising his role in the next part of the film’s main. In the future, the Hobbs, & Shaw, that has something to do with it, but that is the same is the case with a recent dispute with the leader of the Fast and the Furious, Vin Diesel.

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Diesel, who plays Dominic Toretto from the very beginning, the Fast & the Furious, back in 2001, continues to be the driving force behind the series. A large part of the decisions on the films and the future of the franchise, if it comes down to it. A week before the premiere of the Fast and the Furious 8 in the fall of 2017, began to circulate rumors of a feud between Johnson and Diesel. The words have been spoken to and the feedback dark have been released, and it was clear that the two actors were not in agreement with their roles in the series.

Diesel shared his support for the launch of Hobbs & Shaw and Johnson seemed to finally break the fight, in September last year. He went to social media to say thank you to his family-the Fast and the Furious, including Gasoline, before the end of the video with, “I’ll See you soon, Toretto”.

This seems to be a good omen for the return of a Hobbs in the future, but it may have been too late for Johnson to be involved with the Fast and the Furious 9. The production of the movie was in the works before Johnson’s go back to your friends with a Diesel. In addition, the co-star Tyrese Gibson also had a few words to dr. Johnson, stating that he or she may not be well-received by all.

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Due to the difficult relations with the other members of the cast, Dwayne Johnson, you might be focusing on your future, land the franchise, with a sequel to Hobbs, & Shaw). The success of the movie, and interest in and to the characters, they seem to have a very good chance that Hobbs & Shaw, 2 below.

The actor has also been busy with his next project, the Jungle Cruise, which most likely prevented any chance of working in the Fast and the Furious 9.

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It seems more likely that Johnson might appear in the Fast and the Furious 10, in any way, but in the future, Luke Hobbs, it seems the brightest in the world of derivatives.

Fast and the Furious 9 recently, it was postponed due to the coronavirus, and it arrives in the cinemas, it was not until April of 2021.