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It is likely that, in the future, this event will be well-remembered in the history of music, and here’s some of the best shows

It happened on Saturday, the 18th, the One World: Together at Home. The event was organized by theLady Gaga in partnership with the The World Health organization and the NGO’s The Global Citizenyou will have everything to turn in to one of the most memorable moments and epic battles in the history of music.

The purpose was to raise funds for the purchase of supplies for the people who are working every day on fighting the coronavirus, the epidemic, which has left billions of people in quarantine around the world. For this reason, Her he invited hundreds of the big names in the entertainment industry to join in.

The artists have recorded videos to an online event, presented by the Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and the puppets in the Sesame Street. Here, in Brazil, in Thiago Leifert he made a presentation to the world. A curator’s incredible, in any case, since the line-up had hundreds of names on it.

The people here, the best shows of the One World: Together at Home (the order is chronological):

The lead singer of the The Queen it was the first big name of the event. Submitted “Mad World”. He emphasized that the music is not part of their repertoire, as usual, and not singing for many years. The most striking, though, was the look: Adam Lambertappeared to put on makeup and nail Polish, which is surrounded by plants. He returned later for the show “Superpower.”

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Brandonthe vocalist, appeared a grey-haired, on the side of the Ronnie Vannucci (it officially released here, he played the guitar). They presented a version that is different “(Mr). A basic interface” – something is going around between the electronic and the acoustic. Back to the show “Caution” but the reivenção on the first hit, it was much more fun.

You would have thought that, when it appears in the video for the billions of people in an event that has the potential to make the history of music, if someone is concerned in the least with your appearance, right? Don’t Charlie Puth. The musician has recorded in the room at the bottom, in the bed, messy. He turned quickly to one of the topics most talked about on the internet.

The singer has been responsible for organizing the One World, Together, at Home,. The curator of the singers, especially in the second part of the event, this is it; the profits are for the world health organization. To the 21, performed “Smile” in the living room is extremely colorful and lively. Asking for all of the most important of all: smile.

The music of the The Beatles it talks about a single mother who sacrifices to raise their children. Paul McCartney he used to recall his mother, Mary, a nurse in the Second World War. Designed to pay homage also to all the nurses who work on the front lines of the battle against the coronavirus. He changed the words to thank them.

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The four-stone –Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts – participated in the program, each and every one of your home. The screen is divided into four, and showed them one at a time showing, in the order given above. When Watts showed up, however, it is a loss that he didn’t have a battery!

Isolated in the home away from home during the quarantine, the group of theThe Rolling Stones improvised on an instrument, with the baggage and furniture of the house (all the dishes were entirely imaginary and did not take long to cause a laugh.

Barbra Streisand he recorded the “People” in 1964; by 2020, Jennifer Lopez he reinvented the music is so simple and lovely. The singer was in the back yard of the house, and is equipped with a microphone, and the lights of Christmas, presented so graphically beautiful that it could easily be a music video for the song. The biggest quirk with the set that night.

“The Prayer” at the end

The final presentation of the One World: Together at Home he gathered some of the biggest names in music. The lottery Lady Gagato the side of the John Legend, Lang Lang, Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion performaram “The Prayer”the track , composed in 1999 for the last two. To join, all you did in the presentation of the epic.