The stories in the Actual Strengthening in the Movies for the Thrill


Some of the real-life stories can be more amazing than fiction. And those are just the stories that deserve to be featured in motion picture films. Often times, these biographies, or accounts of events are so powerful that it becomes a task that is almost impossible to be able to portray them on the big screen, almost always resulting in the details being omitted or changed.

With this in mind, giving the segment and our wide range of matters, with the tips of movies for you to watch at home on the net Moviesthe Cinépop he prepared a new list of productions that are based on the real-life stories for you to feel the emotions, and, above all, to reflect on the most varied paths of life. Many times, beyond our reach or understanding. Some of the movies, even just to get in the lineup. Have a look at.


Following on from the success of the Bohemain Rhapsody (for the life of Freddie Mercury and his band, Queen), the winner of four Oscars, including best actor (Rami Malek– which it very well could be on this list, also, comes a biography of the larger-than-life figure, incredibly cheesy. The legend Sir Elton John this is the subject of this work, while at the same time, the dramatic and magical. The tone of the movement, contributes to the narrative of the director Dexter Fletcher and the young man Taron Egerton the brand with a goal to embody the iconic singer, in a role that many thought he should have been nominated for an Oscar (the actor took the Golden Globe).

The pain and the Glory

It is interesting to see a life led by the very topic of this work. Well, even though it is not a biography, stated the director of the Spanish Pedro Almodovarthe filmmaker also makes it clear that everything shown in that scene, he was part of their history, and their experiences. In the film, Antonio Banderas, nominated for an Oscar this year for his role, as the director of the movie Salvador Mallo, a pseudonym for the Almodovar. The film is about experimenting with drugs from an artist coming to their limit, both physical and psychological, in addition to convey your personal relationships, of love, and remind you of your past, your family, and in particular with the mother, in which he or she lives Penelope Cruz.

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The Genius and the Fool

It seems ironic, but the gathering of the veterans of the offending could not have any other information. The first partnership is on-screen Mel Gibson and Sean Penntwo superstars that have had more than its share of the remoteness of the industry from Hollywood due to his erratic behaviors, this long-standing reports that the mission be given to a faculty member even in the middle of the NINETEENTH century to produce the famous Oxford dictionary of the English language. Have you ever imagined a time without Google, to bring together all of the words in a language and their meanings? In the film, Instead he lives with the teacher, and the Penna man that can help you in your quest, who is locked in a mental institution, who have serious psychological problems related to paranoia and schizophrenia.


And speaking of legends, one of this is the biography of a writer J. R. R. Tolkienwhich every geek knows to be the creator of the books The Lord of the Rings. In the film, as lived by the Nicholas Houltwe can see the beginnings of the formation of a revered author, and all the elements of your life that have come to inspire him to create one of the greatest works of literature of all time. All of your experiences, as you have to have been an orphan, after the First World War, as a “society” of friends, and even the discovery of love, in the form of Edith Bratt (Lily Collins), are all part of the journey towards becoming a celebrated writer, that we know of.

Attack on Hotel Taj Mahal

For frame strengthening, we have passed on to a portrayal of the worst things that a human being has to offer. This is a traumatic story, it presents the terrorist attack on the real that occurred in 2008 in a luxury hotel and the indian of the title. A group of armed men begin an assault on the street, which leads directly to the building’s famous, chasing after some of the victims who have come to enjoy in the local area. Thus, the tension mounts in this drama of survival, while on the staff of the facility, and some of the guests fight, while trying to escape from the certain death offered by the county. To chill the spine, while at the same time it shows the perseverance and courage of human beings.

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Speaking of stories, drama, here, we are recounted the life, and the imprisonment of the French Henri Charrièreknown as Papillon, or butterfly, he is the author of the books, which are the basis for the film. Papillonas many of you know, I had already been adapted for the cinema as a vehicle for the star Steve McQueenlove the true story of a French film from 1973. In the new version, but it is Charlie Hunnam who is responsible for the skin of the subject, condemned unjustly to go through a real hell, ” a prison on an island, where few come out alive. When you and your friends, it has a leak mirabolante.

The Translator Of The

Here, we have a website in brazil. Our friend Rodrigo Santorothe brazilian number 1 in Hollywood, there lives a teacher of literature and Russian at the university of Havana, in the cuban production. Malin (Santoroaccept the job as a translator for the Russian victims of the Chernobyl disaster, are sent for medical treatment in Cuba – the communist countries were allies. The film is based on the experiences of the father and of the officers of the long Rodrigo and Sebastian Barriuso.


The Drama of the era, the film’s director, visceral Yorgos Lanthimosit is a performance bare of life-the intimate of Queen Anne of Great Britain. Living an inspired Olivia Colman – it took the academy award for best actress for the role, she is seen as a woman’s love life and full of desire – has a voracious sexual appetite, for her “chosen ones”. More than anything, the film shows the behind-the-scenes of the power, and the people profile-ambitious, you are able to. Here, we see a “war” behind the scenes of one of the favorite of the Queen: the Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisza ), the real ruler of the country taking advantage of its position to the side of the monarch, and the new arrival of a Young, a young woman, a servant to that of a speechless, had no part in Emma Stone).

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Fists of Blood

The story of Rocky Balboa, it is not as fictional as we might have previously thought. In fact, the screenplay is written by Sylvester Stallone it was inspired by the history of Chuck Wepner, the game’s heavyweight boxing champion, who received an opportunity-a once-in-a career, a challenge, for the title of champion of the season Muhammad Ali. This is a biography of a boxer, played by Liev Schreiber. And in the movie we get, even with the participation of the Sylvester Stallonenot the actor, but the character that lived for the Morgan Spector.

The Z – Lost City

Speaking of Charlie Hunnamanother item in the list is played by the actor who has specialized in stories of the epic are real. Here, he receives reinforcements in the super-heroic, with the presence of the Robert Pattinson and Tom Hollandrespectively , the new Batman, and Spider-Man movies. Led by one of the world’s most talented and underappreciated in the world today, James Gray (out of Ad Astra), this drama is based on the facts on the early explorers of the military forces of the british, in search of a map to a territory, the mythic, still in the decade of the 1920’s: in a mysterious city on our wildlife of the Amazon.

The Goals Of Red

Rounding out the other tips, we could not end on a note of better. The veteraníssima Dame Judi Dench is the one who stars in this true story about a Joan Stanleythe spy of the KGB, the longest time it was pervasive in England, and by sending the information to the vital and harmful to the country’s former rival, Russia, during the Cold War, with more than 50 years of service. The woman is finally discovered by the british government.

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