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The tiktok is with us: the ByteDance, the startup behind the Tiktok is now the value of the market estimated to be worth$ 80 billion, and is backed by investment funds such as Softbank and Sequoia Capital-Photo: Illustration by Dênis de Freitas)

The tiktok is with us: the ByteDance, the startup behind the Tiktok is now the value of the market estimated to be worth$ 80 billion, and is backed by investment funds such as Softbank and Sequoia Capital-Photo: Illustration by Dênis de Freitas)

In the last few decades, almost all of the major tech companies turned to the internet to have emerged in Silicon Valley, California, or, at least, there settled in the largest part of its operations. The europeans and asians have become accustomed to, such as the americans, put the videos on YouTube, and to place orders with Amazon. Mobile phones were the Motorola’s or Apple’s are only good after you come from the south Korean Samsung), the social network for excellence is on the planet it was on the Facebook. Anyone want to find something on the web. Google it. A quick opinion on the hot topic of the moment? Twitter.

Now, however, the TikTok was to write a new chapter in the history of the digital world. The giants of Silicon Valley are not liking what they see, but don’t seem to know how to counter this phenomenon. The facts: it is a platform for the management of the TikTok also made it clear that we do not consider the social network) producing and sharing short videos, which belongs to a company in china, the ByteDance, which was founded in march 2012 by the entrepreneur Zhang Yiming. It is used in the form of a smartphone app (which is free), and you have native features that make the island of video editing software that fits in your pocket (or purse). Is used to transmit any type of message you can think of, but his forte is content, it’s a comedy, make-up, music, dance, games, and sports in general, and tutorials for the do-it-yourself clips, and the fast of the day-to-day. More importantly, he has been getting for the membership, in mass, young people from all over the world. They are, above all, it is in your power.

Marcelo Tas (the ex-host of the CQC, well-known program on tv) is one of the leading scholars of technology related to entertainment in Brazil. It was one of the first around here to call your attention to the TikTok, in his column in the radio STATION. “The experience that the app provides is amazing. I do not know of anything similar on the market. He’s very playful and interactive; that is your strength.” And the Bac is an important thing to note: this Is the first time that a company in the east-of-internet-chat face to face with the giants of the West. It may be the beginning of a paradigm shift in the field.”

By the way, TikTok is whether or not the chinese? The truth is that the company in the east, which they are not, is the TikTok. It is a by-product of a company, the above-mentioned ByteDance. This is the job for you But TikTok did not work in China, and the ByteDance there’s another app with similar functions to the Douyin. Important note: Douyin is subject to the chinese law; and the TikTok in principle, it is not. The ByteDance ensures that, in fact, that the servers that operate the TikTok are located in the countries in which your app is used (which does not include China, you may want to point out to you). This is important, because, in the past, the app has been under investigation by the us government for, allegedly, being able to pass on strategic information to the chinese government. More serious, perhaps, is the recent complaint that I had ordered for the moderators who hide videos that show individuals that are considered “ugly”, and/or environments in the ‘poor’. The information published by The Intercept, it has been a hit on the platform, in which he stated that the majority of the guidelines are mentioned, or they were no longer in use, or just never had the chance to be used.

The tiktok is between us

The tiktok is between us ” (Photo: Illustration by Dênis de Freitas)

In Brazil, the TikTok for as long as it does not generate cash. The idea is that, first of all, in bringing it to the app and the understanding of the local market. In other countries, the business model is based on advertising. An outside consulting firm, a Sensor Tower, and pointed out that the TikTok, should have reached US$ 176,9 million in revenue by 2019.

The fact is that it is the TikTok got what no-one expected it to be possible, they have created something new in the field, of entertainment via the apps where it was believed that everything had been thought about and attracted to their personalities. Justin Bieber’s in there, and with 7.7 million viewers; Ellen DeGeneres, too, with 4.4 million followers; Anitta (1.5 million) use the platform to promote your music.

The number of brazilians who access the platform has grown 316% in 2019. In December, there was 7.3 million unique users in the country is the TikTok – and they amounted to 1.7 billion a year earlier (the data of ComScore, the company that makes audience measurement on the web. Be in Brazil a country key to the expansion, as of August of 2018, there is an office here, located in the capital of the state of são paulo. Rodrigo Santos, the manager of the community and the TikTok in Brazil, he speaks with pride about it. “The TikTok is the go-to destination for videos in the short format, and it is available in over 150 markets (and 75 other languages). It was one of the apps that are downloaded from 2019 at the latest, and, so far, has been the most-downloaded also, by the year 2020. We have an affinity for amazing with our first.” All over the world, and the second application with the most downloads by 2019 – 738 – million, second only to whatsapp. India is its main market, the individual, always remembering that all of these numbers and percentages do not include data from China, where it is the TikTok does not operate). His success is so great that the owner of the application, the ByteDance, it is one of the startups, the more successful it is today: it is estimated that the market value of the stock is now around$ 80 billion, and it is backed by investment funds such as Softbank and Sequoia Capital.

It is obvious that the TikTok is making your life a lot of people in Silicon Valley. Recently Mark Zuckerberg the creator of Facebook, stated in a speech to his surprise and concern about the dramatic rise of the software application. It’s worth noting that he has a history of buying fights on social networks which are threatening, you can make a shadow. When your Snapchat starts to grow too much, tried to buy it. Its creator, Evan Spiegel refused to sell it to you. So, the CEO of Facebook has come up with the stories, to a tool with features similar to Snapchat. Has the stories to Instagram (which is owned by your corporation and own Facebook. The result: calls, therefore, on the growth of Snapchat. And he has tried to do something similar to TikTok: it launched at the end of the year 2018 on your own for producing videos, the short, and the Lasso. But this time, apparently, it didn’t work – it doesn’t take off. While the TikTok is growing rapidly.

The universe app

In February of this year, the TikTok was the app that was downloaded from the world; it is the amount of downloads of it in the period amounted to 113 million, an increase of 95% compared to February 2019 at the latest)

– As much as 8.6% these downloads took place in Brazil

The champion was a of the India 41,3% of the full download

– It is believed that the 2/3 the users of the platform are less than 30 years old

– 52min this is the average amount of time that each user spends per day on the TikTok

A survey from ComScore, with the young brazilian The 18-to-24 years old she indicated that they spend approximately 8 minutes a day in the app

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