To be recovered, Alice Wegmann says the tough times: ‘It’s horrible to not be able to breathe’


On the 16th of march, I started with a cough, and the difficulty of pulling the air over the fund. At this time, the new coronavirus has already been classified as a pandemic, and, in the case in Brazil, as they began to grow. At the time, there’s that doubt, it seems that it is not for us. I have made an effort to remember all the steps for you: where I’ve been, with whom, what they were doing…. Lots of possibilities, but no certainty. And also, there was no point in arguing with a memory. I had to consult with the doctor to figure out what was going on.

The doctor confirmed that I had most of the symptoms of the disease. I’ve tried to do the test in four laboratories, but could not. The tests were done only on patients in a serious condition, and those in the at-risk group. The first step was the isolation of social. It’s the only way you could make sure that, if it was the same for infected, will not transmit the virus. The only other person I saw was my mother, who had been at my house to bring it to the shop in the market, and to help me with a few things. Of course, that the people were concerned, so much so that even if you follow all of the recommendations (we wore the mask, and we kept a distance, and she was always in a sleeve), this is a higienizava your hands a number of times.

On the eighth day was even worse: I end up with a headache too intense early in the morning, I couldn’t open your eyes or talk. It was something that I had never felt before. In no time, I was scared to death; the symptoms are, in general, have been way to soft on me…. But I was still very anxious and distressed: it is horrible not to be able to breathe like I used to in an automatic, and my mind, and I do realize that a lot of people are not serious about the situation. We can’t defy your own fate, and the fate of the others. We have to take care of the people.

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We’re talking about a world-wide pandemic. It’s not about me, it’s all about the other one. Your health should be a priority right now, to do that, we have to let go of a few things. At the moment, if you can, lay down in the streets and stay at home. I am a person who loves to be with other people, hugging, kissing, and sharing. I miss a lot of that in my day-to-day, but I do know that for as long as it is not possible. Chat with your friends by video call, it helps a lot. I have been up to for the celebration of the anniversary of the star), John Vincent Castro, as well! We were very far away, but up close.

During this period, I prayed, because in hard times, so we try to get closer to God. I cleaned up the house several times, and changed things around. I learned how to make my favorite dish: a purée of plantains! And it was very good. This is a great achievement, because, by then, so we had the egg scrambled, a bowl of popcorn in the microwave, cook, food, and ice. (laughter). I did yoga, I discovered new music.

I saw a movement out there via Instagram from Emma Watson is that she is standing on a label of the #IStayHomeFor citanto the reasons for, and the people who said that it would be in the house. Here in Brazil we have the EuFicoEmCasa. I did with my grandparents, and health professionals, so they may not be.

If it is a reality that is possible for you to stay in the house as well. It will give you a longing to go to the waterfall, to the beach, to meet friends, to dance to the settlement, you have a very nice hug and a kiss. The giving and receiving of affection for you personally. The sooner we collect it, prior to all of this is going to go. I am an optimist, I think we’re going to win. But for this purpose it is necessary to stay in the house. For now, we feed on the memories of all who love him to carry on. From the home screen, we found, in the woods for a bit of nostalgia. And then we’ll go together to all of us.

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